Miley Cyrus shows off shower singing skills while belting out new single

Miley Cyrus attends a fundraiser.
Miley Cyrus showed off her amazing vocals as she showered and sang her latest single. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Miley Cyrus looked to be continuing her promotional work behind the scenes as she expertly belted out her latest single while taking a shower.

The 30-year-old songstress and former Disney star has been taking to her social media sites with more frequency lately as she prepares for the highly-anticipated release of her new album, Endless Summer Vacation.

Previously storming the web in a stunning bikini to support her single Flowers, Miley was back at it again as she showed off her curves while singing her heart out underneath the stream of a steamy shower.

As she stood with her back to the camera and in the cascade of warm water droplets, Miley captured the attention of her followers not just with her incredible figure but also with her dazzling vocals.

Letting the water beat down on her, Miley sang her heart out while casually running a bar of soap along her arms and running her hands through her soaking wet hair.

“I can buy myself flowers, write my name in the sand, talk to myself for hours, yeah, some things you don’t understand. But I can take myself dancing, yeah, I can hold my own hand. Yeah, I can love me better than you can,” she crooned with her signature, raspy voice.

While her first album in nearly three years won’t come out until March 10, Miley has tantalized her fans with indications that her first single from the album would come out much sooner than that.

Miley’s latest post has clued fans in even more to exactly when they can expect to be able to listen to Flowers, with Miley sharing some definitive dates regarding when specific parts of the world can tune in to hear the full song.

“SYDNEY FRI JAN 13 @ 11AM. LONDON FRI JAN 13 @ 12AM. NYC THURS JAN 12 @ 7PM. LA THURS JAN 12 @ 4PM,” she captioned her video clip.

Miley Cyrus announces album release date in a swimsuit

Just before her most recent announcement, Miley gave fans what they had been hoping for when she shared the precise album release date of March 10.

Doing so while hanging from a trapeze, Miley looked as stunning as ever as she clung to the bar of the hanging device and showed off her physique in a sexy cutout swimsuit.

Propping one leg against the other, Miley capped off her feet with black heels that matched the color of her one-piece, throwing on some black shades to complete the ensemble.

As Miley continues to promote Endless Summer Vacation and Flowers, the star also keeps busy as the new face of Gucci’s latest fragrance for their Gucci Flora line.

Miley Cyrus is the face of Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia perfume

Along with working hard in the music studio, Miley has appeared to enjoy being the newest face for Gucci, fronting their Gucci Flora campaign.

“I have loved getting to meet Alessandro [Michele] and learn all about his vision, as well as learn all about the history of Gucci,” Miley said of her time filming with the fashion brand for their perfume release, as shared by Glamour Magazine.

“Gucci inhabits a magical world and I love stepping into it and getting to be a part of it,” she added.

Going with a semi-vintage vibe in her campaign poster, which the singer shared to her Instagram page this summer, Miley looked fresh-faced and youthful in a flowy purple blouse with high-cut, sequined, and ribboned collar and wrist wraps.

“[Gucci Flora Garden Gardenia is] the perfect perfume to wear to express yourself and your boldness and, of course, to smell amazing,” Miley said of the fragrance.

Miley shared that she was able to seamlessly draw inspiration from her songwriting career to bring life to her Gucci fragrance spot, saying that composing songs and creating perfumes both come from plenty of “trial and error” along the way.

Continuing to use songwriting as a metaphor for fragrance-concocting, Miley said that both processes involve “layers and ingredients that [lead] to one cohesive, beautiful result at the end of it.” 

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