Miley Cyrus shares rare performance in Mexico City

miley cyrus performance
Miley Cyrus gave her last performance in her twenties as she sang her heart out and thanked fans for their support. Pic credit: ©

Miley Cyrus said farewell to an era as the songstress performed for the last time in her twenties and commemorated the fact with a brand new share.

Miley has been relatively quiet on social media since she appeared in a Taylor Hawkins tribute in September.

But from the looks of it, that will change because Miley has a New Years’ Eve special to look forward to in one month. She also has a big birthday on November 23 as she enters a new decade and turns 30.

As Miley looked back on the past decade of her life, she extended thanks to her loyal fanbase.

The singer shared a few of her favorite pictures from a recent performance in Mexico City on her social media. It was on Miley’s Instagram that her 187 million followers could swipe through her big concert.

As Miley explained in the caption to the IG carousel, she would not perform again as a 20-something-year-old.

Miley Cyrus in Mexico City gives passionate performance

The first photo showed Miley with one arm extended in the air on a stage with red lights. She wore head-to-toe black with a messenger hat, sunglasses, and leather gloves as accessories.

Miley rocked a corset-like top with cutouts on the obliques and high-waisted, textured pants. The singer put one leg on a piece of sound equipment and raised her arm to the sky as she belted out a note for a crowd full of fans.

The second picture showed the view from afar as the stage had beautiful lighting and special effects.

A swipe right featured Miley without her messenger cap, allowing her long blonde waves to flow underneath the stage lights.

Miley’s caption read, “The last show of my 20’s last night in Mexico City. Thank you for supporting me through this last decade of my life. Looking forward to who I’ll become in my 30’s. Much appreciation & gratitude for the love Mexico.”

As Miley leaves her twenties behind, fans may recall her transition in and out of veganism.

Miley Cyrus’ vegan diet

Miley Cyrus practiced a vegan diet for part of her twenties, but she stopped because she said her diet lacked the nutrients that meat provided.

Miley told Joe Rogan via Us Weekly, “I was vegan for a very long time, and I’ve had to introduce fish and omegas into my life because my brain wasn’t functioning properly.”

Miley decided to reintroduce fish to her diet, but not without an emotional response. She explained that she cried for the fish after eating the animal for the first time in years.

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