Miley Cyrus shares passionate dance in brand new look at Flowers

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Miley Cyrus shared a passionate dance in a brand new look at her Flowers video as she promoted her latest efforts. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Miley Cyrus entered 2023 with a bang, releasing a new single, Flowers, and sharing snippets of the mesmerizing video for the song.

Yesterday, Miley announced the release of her music video, detailing when and where it would be available to fans.

Now, Miley has continued to drum up publicity for her exciting new release. Miley has been teasing the video on social media, posting behind-the-scenes clips, and encouraging fans to watch the video.

One notable post, shared today on Miley’s Instagram, showed Miley in a black lace bikini while climbing out of a pool.

Miley took things inside during another part of the video, which she also shared on IG for her 193 million followers.

And just because Miley was inside didn’t mean she was fully dressed. In typical Miley fashion, the singer turned things up a notch, rocking a pantsuit and blazer combination with nothing underneath.

Miley Cyrus stuns in black pantsuit with a dance to promote new single Flowers

The clip began with Miley strutting across a large room in a palatial estate. She rocked a natural beat with minimal makeup, allowing her beauty to shine through in the video.

Miley sported a chic black blazer that was open, revealing a topless look under the garment. She paired the black blazer with a matching pair of slacks. Finally, Miley elevated the look with black stilettos, giving chic and sexy energy.

The singer crossed the hallway and broke into a passionate dance as she let loose and felt the beat.

Miley’s hair was still wet from the earlier pool scene, where she worked out and showed off her killer figure.

In the caption, Miley reminded fans that Flowers was available now. As for the song, it was an upbeat, feel-good track full of life and energy and about independence.

Part of the reason for Miley’s energetic attitude could be her recent diet change.

Miley Cyrus ends vegan diet

Miley followed a vegan lifestyle for nearly one decade as part of a strict diet. However, the singer stopped because she said her diet lacked the nutrients she needed and caused her to have brain fog.

Miley told Joe Rogan via Us Weekly, “I was vegan for a very long time, and I’ve had to introduce fish and omegas into my life because my brain wasn’t functioning properly.”

Miley chose to reintroduce fish to her diet, but she admitted to crying for the fish. 

The singer felt emotional after eating an animal for the first time in years but did it for the Omega-3.

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