Miley Cyrus shares latest music video for new song River

Miley Cyrus poses at an event.
Miley Cyrus showed off her moves in a minidress as she celebrated the release of her latest single River. Pic credit: ©

Miley Cyrus shared more exciting news with her fans as she hopped online to upload a new music video.

The 30-year-old singer of hits such as Wrecking Ball and The Climb has been reveling in the success of her album Endless Summer Vacation, as her single Flowers has continued to rank at the top of the charts for weeks on end.

Now, the songstress has informed her followers there is another single from her latest LP that could dominate the charts as she gave a glimpse of the work that went into filming the video for her new song River.

Miley rocked a fun mini-dress for the clip, taking over a stage while lights flashed on and off above her.

Going with a black-and-white tone for the video, Miley worked it while proving all her years in the spotlight have only enhanced her dancing and performance skills.

Taking things slower for the beginning of the shots, Miley started low before easing her way to a standing position.

The mini-dress she wore sported a stylish triangular design on the front that started under her arms and culminated at her throat, and the bottom hemline capped off at her upper thighs.

Miley Cyrus shows off her dance moves in a stunning mini-dress

Tossing her blonde locks around her head and moving her fingers through the strands, Miley showed a lean and toned figure as she moved around the dance floor.

The camera zoomed in gradually over the course of the video, eventually going in for a close-up of Miley’s face while the song played in the background.

Stage lights brightened up the surroundings, with rows of bulbs seen lining the edge of the platform on which Miley stood.

“ENDLESS SUMMER VACATION + RIVER VIDEO OUT NOW,” she captioned the post in all-caps for added emphasis.

While the black-and-white hues made it impossible to tell how much makeup the songstress had on and what color her eyeshadow or lipstick might be, the star has made it clear recently that she is a devotee of the Dolce Glow self-tanner, having donned the product in her Flowers promos.

Miley Cyrus collaborated with Dolce Glow for MCEO x Dolce Glow

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Miley partnered with Dolce Glow last year, investing in the company and doing her part to help promote the tanning solution by slathering it on her body before big events like her New Year’s Eve party.

“Miley’s partnership could not have come at a better time for Dolce Glow,” explained founder Isabel Vita.

“She actually fell in love with the product, from the way it made her look, to the way it made her feel, to the ingredients in our line,” she went on to say about how Miley ended up joining forces with the brand, as shared by E! News. “The rest has been kind of history! Miley came to me and just said, “I would love to be a part of this with you.'”

Miley talked about her role with the label, telling Women’s Wear Daily that she believed strongly in the clean ingredients and glowy look, saying she was also thrilled to be in collaboration with a female-founded brand.

A look at the Dolce Glow website shows that the product comes in a range of options, with everything from tanning mousse to tanning lotion to tanning mist and prices hovering between $50-$55.

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