Miley Cyrus looks chic in Gucci bustier and leather skirt

Miley Cyrus poses at an event.
Miley Cyrus looked stunning wearing a bustier with a sheer overlay. Pic credit: ©

Miley Cyrus took her amazing style to the streets as she stunned in another daring outfit.

The 30-year-old Wrecking Ball singer isn’t one to hop onto her social media accounts too often. However, when she does, her fans are totally there to lap up every second of it, with her most recent share being no exception.

Posting for the first time in four days, with her last share having been an adorable snuggle session with her godmother, Dolly Parton, Miley looked stunning as she went with a sexier ensemble for a little posing fun.

Making sure her post was noticed by sharing an epic nine-pic series, Miley kicked things off with a captivating pose as she sizzled in a gorgeous bustier and skirt.

Leaning one hand against a wall, the singer gave her best open-mouthed pout while giving followers a perfect look at her entire outfit.

Miley wore a tan-and-black sheer bustier on top, Miley let one spaghetti strap drop down off her shoulder while a creamy-colored coat hung off her back and opened in the front to give a view of her attire.

The lingerie-style top angled downward from her bust to meet the top of her black leather skirt, with the bustier tucking into the waistline for a tight design.

Miley Cyrus stuns in a black Gucci outfit

As if her sensual top, long skirt, and open coat weren’t enough, Miley completed her ensemble with dark shades, fishnet stockings, and black heels.

In the next two shots in her long series, Miley shared some new poses in her attire, resting her hand lower on a rail in one shot before contorting her torso for a sexy angle in the third snap.

Pic number four saw Miley a bit closer, with the camera zooming in to show a better view of her face and clothing, the performer kept her lips continuously parted and her head tilted back while showing off her shoulder tattoo.

Wisps of bleach-blonde locks dangled across her face in photos five and six, with the star giving a dramatic head-toss in the seventh pic while leaving her coat draped around her.

The final two shares in her series showed Miley ascending a staircase while fully clad in her outwear before taking off her coat to give one last look at her sexy wear. The singer gave a surprised gape while gazing up over her tilted shades and lightly tugging at the hemline of her skirt.

Leaving her gorgeous style to speak for itself, Miley left the post uncaptioned, save for hashtagging her handle and tagging the fashion brand Gucci.

This is not the first time Miley has joined forces with Gucci, having signed on with the company to lend her star power to their latest fragrance campaign.

Miley Cyrus signs with Gucci fragrance

In August, Miley lent her famous name to an already famous company, signing on with powerhouse Gucci to promote their latest fragrance, Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine Eau de Parfum.

Photographed by artist Petra Collins, with the campaign video shot by Omer Fedi and Blake Slatkin, Miley went for a relaxed glam vibe. She rocked a pixie cut that was nearing a mullet, a purple long-sleeve shirt with a sparkly choker collar, and plaid pants.

The star snuggled with a poodle outside of a brightly-colored pink house with flower-lined pathways before skipping freely along the beachfront for the vibrant ad.

Set to Miley’s song Delicious, a rep for Gucci said the clip was meant to be “an expressive leap of imagination inspired by the delicious scent, manifesting moments of pure joy that evolve into a cheery dreamscape.”

Miley previously joined Gucci in 2021, signing on to be the face of the Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia scent.

Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele released a statement about Miley’s contribution to the brand, saying, “[Miley is] an artist with a spirit that is both rock ‘n’ roll and eclectic at the same time.”

Gucci’s Flora Gorgeous Jasmine Eau de Parfum is available to purchase online and in select stores for $149 for a 100-ml bottle.

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