Miley Cyrus glows in gold swimsuit to celebrate as fans suspect new announcement coming

miley cyrus at avengers premiere event
Miley Cyrus could be teasing another video, tour, or something else. Pic credit: © Hasegawa /

Miley Cyrus is enjoying a monumental moment in her career as she unveiled a celebratory video clip rocking a gold swimsuit.

The singer revealed her trim physique in the high-cut, shiny swimsuit as she struck poses surrounded by foliage that included tall purple flowers that were highly appropriate for the occasion.

Her smash hit Flowers played as the video’s background music as Cyrus posed with hands to her sides, stretched above her head, and resting on her hips for various shots.

The on-screen text revealed that Cyrus’ song was the fastest to reach 1 billion streams, making for quite a feat for the singer, besting the likes of Drake, Taylor Swift, and The Weeknd, all known for their streaming popularity.

“THANK YOU” appeared on the screen, as Cyrus is seen walking in a body-length gold dress before the clip cut to a black screen.

“Thanks a billion. I love you. ❤️,” Cyrus wrote in her caption.

Cyrus’ shared the exciting news with her 207 million followers and received over 632,000 likes to go with 7,600-plus comments.

Miley Cyrus’ fans anticipate what’s next for the singer

With thousands of comments hitting her latest Instagram post, many questioned if something big could be on the way for the singer.

“jaded music video??” one individual asked, with another commenting, “SOMETHING IS COMING.”

Another commenter praised Cyrus for making “a fierce statement of being strong independent and brave” woman.

fans react to miley cyrus video
Fans speculate on Miley Cyrus’ next moves. Pic credit: @mileycyrus/Instagram

Yet another commenter said they were getting impatient over Cyrus not promoting her album via a tour and releasing Jaded as a single.

“MOTHER WHAT ARE THOSE NEW SHOOTS? Are you teasing something?” another individual wrote in the comments.

Another said the fans “need new music videos and a tour announcement,” adding to the many comments suggesting the same.

fans of miley cyrus react to flowers video
Fans of Miley Cyrus react to her new video clip. Pic credit: @mileycyrus/Instagram

Cyrus had a brief concert tour last year known as the Attention Tour, which began in Los Angeles in February 2022 and ended in Brazil in late March.

Following the tour, she released Attention: Miley Live, which captured her live performance from the Los Angeles show.

With that in mind, her fans are hoping for a more extensive world tour to promote Endless Summer Vacation.

Cyrus has also appeared in Gucci campaigns

While many fans hope the visuals in Cyrus’ latest video are for a new music video or another concert tour announcement, they may be related to a product shoot.

The singer has famously appeared in several campaigns for fragrances from Gucci. In August 2022, she was the face of the Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine scent and appeared in a video set to her song Delicious.

The inspired visuals feature Miley outdoors wearing purple as she hangs out with her fluffy friend. Additional scenes have the singer recreated as an animated character.

It’s entirely possible Cyrus’ short clip was part of something bigger, such as a new campaign for another Gucci fragrance. However, her biggest fans are hoping to see her touring and appearing in a video to celebrate another song they love. Time will tell what the next moves are for the popular singer.

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