Miley Cyrus celebrates Flowers with glimpse of new video

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Miley Cyrus celebrated her new single Flowers by sharing a glimpse at her new video. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Miley Cyrus made a splash with her new music video for her single Flowers.

The singer has been on a roll since she turned 30 in November when she announced her return to Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party with her godmother Dolly Parton as a co-host.

At Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party earlier this month, the Disney Channel alum revealed new music on the horizon.

Now, the singer has shared clips from her captivating video for Flowers as she continued to drum up publicity for her latest efforts.

One sensational post, posted today on Miley’s Instagram, featured Miley in a bikini while climbing out of a pool.

But Miley’s glorious exit from the pool was just the beginning of the exciting video.

Miley Cyrus stuns in energetic Flowers clip

The video featured a stunning aerial shot of the pool, from which Miley was seen emerging. As Miley’s song played in the background, she strolled out of the pool steps, with the camera capturing her from different angles. The shot provided a stunning contrast between the bright blue pool and the lush green foliage of the palatial estate.

Her bleach-blonde hair was slicked back, wet from the water of the beautiful pool. Miley rocked a black lacy bikini top and matching bikini bottoms. Her various tattoos were visible as she headed to the patio, where she would engage in physical fitness.

Next, the clip showed Miley swinging some ropes for a full-body workout. She grimaced and exhaled as she worked out in her bikini with a look of determination.

After the rope swinging session, Miley started doing push-ups while spider-walking between each rep.

The singer also did some burpees, which is an exercise involving a squat, a push-up, and a jump in the air. Burpees have many benefits as a full-body exercise, including cardiovascular and muscle-strengthening properties.

Miley’s video looked like an accurate depiction of the singer’s active lifestyle.

Miley Cyrus’ intense treadmill workout before the Super Bowl

Miley performed at the 2021 Super Bowl and revealed an unusual workout before the big show.

Miley posted a video in a Nike sports bra while she hit the treadmill and belted out tunes.

As the singer broke a sweat, she performed with her killer vocals taking center stage.

The video showed Miley’s endurance while singing, which was certainly a difficult feat to accomplish.

As 2023 continues, Miley seems to be on a roll.

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