Miley Cyrus celebrates 11 weeks of Flowers at number one

Miley Cyrus face
Miley Cyrus celebrates success. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Miley Cyrus took to social media to celebrate the success of her January-released song Flowers.

If that sentence triggers deja vu, it could be because this marked Miley’s 11th consecutive week at the top spot.

Each week, Miley has commemorated her achievement as the debut single from Endless Summer Vacation continues to entertain the masses.

The Hannah Montana actress shared the news on Instagram that her hit song Flowers reigned supreme at number one for the 11th consecutive week. 

Celebrating this incredible achievement, Miley thanked her fans for their unwavering support through a heartfelt caption.  

In addition to expressing her gratitude, Miley took this opportunity to bless followers with a mesmerizing clip from her new video, River. The visually captivating content suggested more success was in store for Miley’s music career.

Miley Cyrus celebrates Flowers’ continued success

Although Miley has celebrated the number-one status of Flowers previously, her latest share was different because it had a glimpse of her music video, River.

The snippet featured Miley’s dancing talents while featuring black-and-white tones. 

The video started slowly, building up to the action and concluding with Miley’s passionate moves.

As for Flowers, Miley’s ability to keep the song at number one for 11 weeks was no small feat. Rather, it was a testament to Miley’s talent and relentless passion for her craft.

Miley’s catchy melody, powerful vocals, and emotionally-charged lyrics have resonated with fans in a major way. 

She wrote in a caption accompanying the post, “Deeply grateful to you for keeping Flowers at #1 for 11 weeks. I love you dearly ❤️.”

And when it comes to Miley’s 204 Instagram followers — it seems the feeling is mutual.

Speaking of Flowers, Miley has shown an affinity for the sightly plants.

Miley Cyrus promotes Gucci Flora

Miley has long been a muse of the Italian fashion house Gucci and has extended her support to various fragrances.

One scent includes Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia fragrance, the 2022-released perfume with notes of Blossom Accord, Italian Mandarin, White Gardenia, and Jasmine Absolute.

Miley starred in a Petra Collins-directed campaign with ethereal overtones and lush gardens.

The Disney Channel alum took to Instagram to share the campaign with fans.

Miley’s caption read, “Introducing Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine Eau de Parfum, the latest #FloraFantasy @alessandro_michele @petrafcollins @GucciBeauty #GucciBeauty.”

The singer told Interview magazine about how meaningful Gucci was to her.

She revealed, “I’m going to say, and this is not from Gucci but from me, because I have a very personal connection with the Flora Fantasy, what it means to me.”

The perfume, which also features a beautiful floral bottle, retails for $155 for 100 ml.

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