Midnight Sun book: Pre-order details for Stephanie Meyer’s latest Twilight offering

Stephanie Meyer on the red carpet
Stephanie Meyer has been working on Midnight Sun for 13 years. Pic credit: ©Imagecollect.com/ Globe-Photos

Stephanie Meyer has announced that the latest book in the Twilight saga is to be finally released this summer.

Her website has been running a countdown since last week, but on Monday it was confirmed that Midnight Sun would be available on August 4, 2020.

Meyer, who is one of the world’s bestselling authors, has spent thirteen years working on the book, but fans are convinced it’ll be worth the wait.

Midnight Sun is the prequel to the Twilight series and will retell the iconic love story of Bella and Edward Cullen through the vampire’s point of view.

Meyer addressed her fans by video link on Good Morning America when she said, “it’s a crazy time right now, and I wasn’t sure if this was the right time to put out the book. But… it didn’t seem fair to make you wait any longer.”

She continued: “Hopefully, this book can be a fun distraction from the real world. I’m so excited to finally be able to share it with you.”

Stephanie Meyer hopes Midnight Sun will console her fans during pandemic

Meyer has also written a letter to her fans, which she posted on her website. In the letter, she says the book is “very close” to ready, but we’ll still have to wait until August.

She also says that after considering whether or not to delay the release until after the COVID-19 pandemic, she decided to go ahead because she personally finds books her “main solace and happiest escape” during this time, and she suspects many of her fans feel the same way.

She finishes up by saying she’s got loads more planned for this summer, including music events, contests, and info on the possibility of an upcoming book tour.

Where can you preorder Midnight Sun?

There are literally loads of places where you can preorder online. Just follow the links to get your copy at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indie Bound, Walmart, and Books a Million.

According to Meyer’s website, you can also preorder at Powells, Target, and Bookshop.org.

Books a Million seems to be the current cheapest offering the book for $25.19, whereas the other retailers will charge you $27.99.

If you fancy getting your fix of Midnight Sun on a Kindle or audiobook, then you can follow those links to get them on Amazon.

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