Michelle Williams is ethereal in gorgeous white gown for Oscars red carpet

Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams was a vision on the Oscars red carpet. Pic credit: ©

Michelle Williams was once again the picture of pure elegance as she arrived on the red carpet at the 2023 Academy Awards.

The longtime actress is well-known for her fashion picks over the years, as her style tends to lean toward the more traditional idea of Hollywood glamour.

And as it turns out, the 95th annual Academy Awards were no exception to her style rules.

Michelle was an angelic vision in an all-white gown courtesy of Chanel, and she fully embodied the grace required to pull off the stunning number.

She posed solo in front of the Oscar backdrop and likely left many speechless with her arrival.

While Michelle’s gorgeous attire nearly stole the spotlight, she was also the recipient of a nomination this year in the Best Actress category for her role in The Fabelmans.

Michelle Williams’ Chanel gown was a show-stopper at the 2023 Oscars

The stark white, full-length Chanel gown had intricate details that truly took the look over the top.

Not only was the bodice of the dress embellished in an ornate pattern of silver across her chest, but the garment also featured an extra special touch — a sheer overlay scattered with crystals.

The overlay connected with a dainty clasp at Michelle’s collarbones, and the sheer fabric cascaded over her shoulders and down her body, nearly touching the floor.

Michelle completed the look with a diamond choker from Tiffany & Co around her neck and styled her signature platinum blonde bob with a side part that swept across her forehead.

Michelle Williams on the Oscar red carpet.
Michelle Williams stuns on the red carpet for the 95th annual Academy Awards. Pic credit: ABC

She kept her makeup simple, using her flawless porcelain skin as a canvas for a bold red lip.

While Michelle may not have taken home the Oscar for Best Actress, she’s certainly made her way onto a number of best-dressed lists for her ethereal look.

Michelle puts in the work to keep herself in shape for various roles

The 2023 Oscars weren’t a first for Michelle. In fact, she was previously nominated for four Academy Awards between 2006 – 2017.

Given her extensive career, Michelle has been able to flex her acting chops in various roles throughout the years, and some are quite demanding on her physically.

For her role as famed dancer Gwen Verdon, Michelle was required to tailor her diet in order to stay light on her feet.

Speaking with People in 2019, Michelle and her co-star Sam Rockwell explained just how much hard work went into preparing for the challenging role.

“We had a special meal plan, five days a week, that kept us very trim because I was playing a drug addict, and she’s playing basically an Olympic athlete,” Sam told the outlet.

Michelle echoed the intensity of the clean eating noting they often looked forward to Fridays when they were able to indulge in their vices.

“Sam and I would look forward to Friday night all week long,” she shared. “It wasn’t so much what we would eat on Friday night, it was what we would drink on Friday night.”

For Michelle, that often included rosé and various kinds of cheese.

Michelle also elaborated that their packed schedule didn’t leave much room for working out. Thankfully, the fact that their characters were dancers meant there was plenty of movement throughout filming.

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