Michael Buble elbows wife on video, Luisana Lopilato defends him over ‘abuse’ claims

Michael Buble and Luisana Lopilato on the red carpet
Husband and wife team Michael Buble and Luisana Lopilato have been entertaining fans with Instagram Live videos in recent days. Pic credit: © Carrie-nelson

Luisana Lopilato, the wife of Michael Buble, has jumped to her husband’s defense after fears were raised that he was abusing her surfaced this week.

It all happened after the pair appeared in a video on Instagram where the 44-year-old crooner appeared to shove his wife with his elbow.

The husband and wife have teamed up to try to keep the masses entertained during the coronavirus pandemic. In recent days, they have taken to Instagram Live to read children’s books, sing and perform other activities for their followers.

In a recent video, viewers saw Buble elbow Lopilato in her side after she spoke over him, prompting her to apologize.

He then pulled her in for an embrace in a manner that many viewers suggested was far too rough.

Some saw the encounter as playful, while others called it domestic abuse. Fans began calling for Lopilato to leave Buble for her own protection.

Lusiana Lopilato issued a lengthy statement defending Michael Buble

However, the lady in question then posted a statement to Instagram.

Written in Spanish but translated into English by Hola, the statement reads: “It’s incredible how some people are!! While we are in the middle of a pandemic and living our lives under quarantine, angst, fear, loneliness, and uncertainty of all kinds!”

“[I] come out every day with my husband to try to do [social media] lives to bring some happiness, entertainment, longing, and we have to put up with, hear and see what people with ill intentions are posting without knowing anything about our family…”

“…and after all the pain that we have experienced, I want you all to know that I have no doubts about who my husband is and that I would choose him again, a thousand times over!”

“It’s not fair! This person is causing harm and taking advantage of this pandemic where people are suffering, dying, and under quarantine, to gain fame and more followers.”

“They are sharing lies and that I will not allow because they are disrespecting my family, so I ask all of you who have trusted me for years to not allow this either!” her statement finished.

Lopilato also posted a video defending Buble

Further to the statement, Luisana also posted a new video where she thanked fans for their concern but reassured them that she is “not suffering” any kind of abuse from her husband of nine years.

She said, “I’ve seen your messages over the weekend, and I am very thankful. Thank you for worrying.”

The Canadian crooner and the Argentinian actress have been together since they met on the set of a music video in 2009. They got engaged later that year and tied the knot in a ceremony in April 2011.

Last month 90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata took to social media to try to raise awareness of domestic abuse in Samoa and American Samoa.

Last year Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood became embroiled in a domestic abuse case after it was alleged she attacked her live-in boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, with a machete and a shoe.

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Shelley Merkl
Shelley Merkl
4 years ago

People are so ready to jump on others without the facts, I believe them to be a very loving family thats not afraid to put themselves out there for our entertainment. They have been through so much together and come through it more in love with each other and their children. They really enjoy each other and have fun doing this together leave them alone