Miami’s Cavinder twins share dance they love in stunning bikinis

haley and hanna cavinder in youtube vlog
Haley and Hanna Cavinder are back in Arizona and still dancing after the Big Dance. Pic credit: @CavinderTwins/YouTube

College basketball’s Cavinder twins are still dancing after their Big Dance run ended with a disappointing loss in the Elite Eight.

Hanna and Haley Cavinder sizzled in the NCAA Women’s Tournament as part of the Miami Hurricanes, each contributing to the team’s impressive wins.

However, they also sizzle on social media, where they rack up plenty of views and comments on various platforms, including Instagram and TikTok.

When they’re not sharing insight into their diet or workouts, the Cavinder twins share dances and other fun clips.

The duo donned tiny bikinis for one of their latest viral video clips in which they presented the dance they love.

As one might expect, the latest share racked up plenty of love for the twins with numerous views, likes, and comments.

The Cavinder twins dance in bikinis for their new viral clip

After their March Madness run ended, the Cavinder twins returned home to Arizona, where they continued to work out, diet, and dance.

The blonde beauties uploaded a new clip to TikTok on Tuesday, where they currently have a mere 4.5 million followers watching their every move.

Their video, set to the rap song Beat That Boy With a Bat, features Haley and Hanna, each in a bikini. One wears a tiny black two-piece with a sports-bra style top, strategic cutout, and shoulder straps. The other wears more of a tiny pink or purple string bikini for the dance clip.

The video is quick, lasting just eight seconds, with them performing dance moves for the song with their arms, hips, and legs before one twin walks toward the camera and spins away, revealing her back briefly.

“we luv this dance #fyp #twins #foryou,” they wrote in the caption for their TikTok share.

The bikinis and dance accentuated the twins’ fit physiques and tans, which they likely added to during their time in Arizona.

As for the video, it has over 161,000 views as of this writing. It also has 29,700 likes and 100-plus comments from fans showing their support and admiration.

Ahead of that, the twins shared a video set to the same song. However, this one, which revealed they were back in Arizona, featured them wearing more clothes for the routine.

Cavinder twins shared a healthy habits vlog

The Cavinder twins aren’t just about racking up views on viral dance videos or showing bikinis and other fashion. In addition to those types of clips, they also have a YouTube vlog that captures their day-to-day lives as college basketball players.

In one of their 2023 vlogs, they shared their healthy habits with fans about working out, dieting, and “overall health.”

Their routine includes “screenless mornings,” which means no social media or use of their devices. Instead, they might relax by reading a book, checking out some affirmations, or working on class assignments.

The twins also say they drink water when first waking up. This is an essential health tip for starting one’s day to begin daily water intake and flush toxins from the body.

The vlog also reveals some of their diet and workout essentials. Nutrition includes oatmeal with a protein powder and maybe toppings such as fruit. Haley explained that in 2023 they were looking to expand their daily diet beyond just the same things, but for the most part, they enjoyed protein pancakes or oats in the morning.

Staying active is also essential for the twins. Hanna explained that she works out after practices or games, and even on active rest days, she still tries to get in her 10,000 steps.

“It’s not only good, like physically, but mentally it’s something that’s really important, and I think even just going outside moving, seeing the sunlight — it just helps bring serotonin to your life,” Hanna said.

The twins are likely staying active even with their basketball season over as they look toward the rest of this year and further playing time down the road.

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