Miami basketball’s Cavinder twins Haley and Hanna reveal daily diet

cavinder twins in hurricanes video they shot for instagram
The Cavinder twins shared what a full day of eating looks like for them to stay fit and energized. Pic credit: @cavindertwins/TikTok

The Miami Hurricanes women’s basketball team had a magical run in the NCAA Tournament, including starting player Haley Cavinder and her twin sister, Hanna, who contributed off the bench.

The Cavinder twins are now in the offseason after a tough loss to LSU in the Elite Eight round of March Madness. However, that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped with their workouts and diets to stay in shape as competitive athletes.

While they’re known for being ballers, they also have large followings on various social media platforms. They often share content from the basketball court or rocking bikinis, workout gear, and other outfits.

Based on a recent Instagram carousel post, the twins were home in Arizona, as they shared a mirror shot of themselves in workout outfits to start things off for the pics. One sister held a phone to capture the image and wore a white sports bra to go with curve-hugging light purple shorts.

Her twin opted for camouflage spandex shorts and what appeared to be a light purple sports bra. She wore a pair of black wireless headphones on her head, while her sister wore a light pair.

Based on the image, both sisters went with Adidas low-tops for the workout, with one opting for an all-white pair and the other a white pair with red stripes. They stood together in a sideways pose with their backs somewhat turned toward the mirror and rows of cardio machines lined up behind them.

The Cavinder twins reveal their ‘full day of eating’

The Cavinder twins’ IG post went beyond showing their workout gear or that they were in a gym. Additional slides showed images of foods or meals in their daily diets.

For example, the first slide revealed a glass container of iced coffee between oat creamer and a bag of Starbucks Iced Coffee. Based on the IG caption, this is a must-have to start each day as it likely provides that necessary caffeine kick to get going.

Another constant in their daily diets is protein oatmeal, as revealed in the third slide. The sisters use quick oats and a vegan protein powder mixed with almond or peanut butter. They also might top it with fruit such as blueberries, as seen in their photo.

They created a delicious treat as their pre-workout snack, showing Bagel Thins topped with cream cheese, banana slices, cinnamon, and sugar-free maple syrup. 

The twins say they love a “good brunch 4 lunch” in their caption, which might be a large brown egg, egg whites, turkey bacon, and some organic hashbrowns.

For dinner, their go-to meal is nachos, which they have once or twice each week due to an obsession with Mexican food. Their caption revealed the necessary ingredients: Cut Da Carb tortilla chips, sliced grass-fed beef sirloin, fat-free cheddar cheese, Pico de Gallo, guacamole, jalapenos, and salsa.

Haley and Hanna Cavinder finish each day with a sweet treat in the form of a dessert like Halo Top ice cream. According to their caption, Halo Top’s Oatmeal Cookie is one of the preferred flavors.

“Friendly Reminder: What works for everyone is different, eat food that fuels you & makes you feel good!” the caption says.

Haley Cavinder will continue with Hurricanes, while sister Hanna is undecided

As the diets and workouts continue, many fans might wonder what’s next for the Cavinder twins. They currently make significant money as part of the name, image, and likeness (NIL) policy for college athletes due to going viral with TikTok several years ago.

However, basketball has been their passion, which would seem to indicate they’ll stick with their sport in some capacity.

According to the New York Post, Haley and Hanna transferred from Fresno State to play for the Miami Hurricanes in 2022. Haley was a starting point guard for the team and averaged 12.7 points per game this past season, helping Miami get to the Elite Eight.

Her sister Hanna came off the bench in a reserve role, averaging just 3.8 points per game. During the twins’ appearance on the BFFs Podcast, Hanna talked about getting trolled for not contributing as much as her sister.

“Haley plays way more than me, so I constantly get it,” she said, adding, “They always say I’m too small and stuff like that… We’re 5-foot-6 on a good day… 5-foot-5 and a half.”

Based on NY Post’s report, Haley has committed to returning to play for the Hurricanes in 2024. However, her sister remains undecided, and that could mean the two are split up, which could also impact their joint social media accounts known for content such as dances and other viral clips.

In addition to basketball, the Cavinder twins also signed a NIL deal with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in 2021, which could mean they’ll appear in a wrestling ring in the future. WWE’s Next in Line program gives college athletes a path to the WWE and recruits individuals from basketball, volleyball, track and field, football, wrestling, and other sports.

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