‘Mexican Weather Girl’ Yanet Garcia wishes fans ‘Good night’

yanet garcia selfie.
Yanet Garcia said good night to the city that never sleeps. Pic credit: @iamyanetgarcia/Instagram

Yanet Garcia said good night to the city that never sleeps as the Mexican native struck a pose from the comforts of her new home.

The model has been making quite a life for herself since moving from Mexico to New York to work on her flourishing career.

Yanet had a successful career as a weatherwoman in her native Mexico, but her broadcasts quickly became popular for reasons other than her forecasting abilities.

Some viewers seemed captivated by Yanet’s beauty and began recording her appearances, which eventually went viral.

As an intelligent businesswoman, Yanet pivoted her career into a different job in front of the cameras, working as a model. She also became a personal trainer, teaching others how to build curves like hers. Finally, Yanet gained accreditation as a nutrition coach.

In Yanet’s latest social media post, shared on her Instagram with her 14.9 million followers, she showed off her modeling talents.

Yanet Garcia strikes a pose in a black ensemble

Yanet looked gorgeous as she struck a pose near a desk, with her head turned slightly to the side. She wore an intricately designed black garment with lace on the bodice and fabric wrapping around her waist. It appeared Yanet was getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Her hair was luscious and thick with honey-brown tresses in a side part with loose waves. Yanet’s makeup was equally stunning, with lavish lashes, berry lips, and sparkly eyeshadow.

The room’s soft lighting highlighted Yanet’s beautiful tan as she posed fiercely.

Yanet’s caption read, “Good night ?.”

Yanet added a geotag of New York, the city where she has been thriving for the past few years.

One of the ways that Yanet has thrived has been with her Fitplan trainer status.

Yanet Garcia trains for Fitplan

Fitplan, an app that delivers workout plans directly to one’s cellphone, became increasingly popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which left many gyms closed.

Another reason for Fitplan’s increased popularity is the company’s use of well-known trainers like Jen Selter and Yanet Garcia.

As Yanet told Women Fitness, her curves took years to create because she had a naturally skinny frame. After hitting the gym regularly, she gained the muscles that made her famous. She explained, “It’s definitely been a long process that required a lot of discipline, but it was worth it. Squats really helped me to reach my goals.”

Therefore Yanet was the perfect trainer to join Fitplan.

Many of Yanet’s workouts focus on what she knows best — the glutes.

She wrote in a caption promoting the app, “Fitplan app has so many plans to choose from with minimal equipment that can be done at home! So what are you waiting for?! Get off your ? and get moving toward your goals.”

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