‘Mexican Weather Girl’ Yanet Garcia shares words to empower women

Yanet Garcia is sharing wisdom. Pic credit: @iamyanetgarcia/Instagram

Yanet Garcia showed that she was more than a pretty face, as the intellectual model reached the depths of her soul with a fascinating post.

For those out of the loop, the stunning Mexican weatherwoman captured the hearts of millions with her beauty and charisma while delivering daily weather forecasts. 

It wasn’t long before she became a sensation on social media, where fans couldn’t get enough of her engaging content and contagious positivity.

However, her journey did not stop there; she has transitioned into a successful fitness coach, inspiring women all over the world.

And judging from a recent Instagram post, it’s easy to see why Yanet has gained popularity.

Fans could feel Yanet’s positivity and inspirational ways in a post shared on social media as she headed into the weekend.

For Yanet’s Instagram share, she sported a black Victoria’s Secret ensemble and struck a pose.

Yanet Garcia wears Victoria’s Secret and promotes self-love

On Friday, Yanet took social media by storm when she donned exquisite black lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. 

With this delightful picture, Yanet struck a powerful pose that embodied strength and confidence. 

Yanet wore a black Victoria’s Secret bodysuit with rhinestones and a velvet finish. 

Fans can purchase a similar ensemble, like the Victoria’s Secret Velvet Push-Up Bra Top & Garter Skirt Set, which is on clearance for $69.99. The set features long sleeves, push-up padding, and garter clips for a timeless look.

Although Yanet looked divine, it was her caption that was truly priceless.

Accompanying the photo was an inspiring caption filled with messages about empowering women and embracing self-love.

Yanet wrote, “The biggest mistake you can make is removing jewels from your crown, to make it easier for a man to carry. When this happens, I need you to understand you do not need a smaller crown. You can choose a man with bigger hands.”

The overarching theme of Yanet’s message was that women shouldn’t change themselves for a man. Instead, women should find a partner who appreciates them as they are — without conditions.

Yanet Garcia’s fitness and nutrition ventures

Despite the fame of being a weatherwoman, Yanet had aspirations beyond meteorology.

Yanet has always been passionate about wellness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so she became a fitness and nutrition coach.

After receiving accreditation, Yanet was officially qualified to dole out advice.

The model has routinely shared workout routines, wellness tips, and motivating messages on her second Instagram page.

In addition to her nutrition coaching, fans can check out Yanet’s workouts on FitPlan, an app that delivers exercise on the go.

From weather forecasts to fitness coaching, Yanet delivers riveting content.

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