‘Mexican Weather Girl’ Yanet Garcia all smiles in swimsuit

Yanet Garcia up close
Yanet Garcia models in a bikini and looks happier than ever. Pic credit: @iamyanetgarcia/Instagram

Yanet Garcia showed she could bring the heat as she sent temperatures soaring during a recent shoot.

As it turns out, predicting the weather isn’t the only thing Yanet is good at doing.

For those out of the loop, Yanet used to be a weatherwoman in Mexico. Some viewers found Yanet alluring, watching the beauty for more than just the weather. Yanet’s popularity caused her to go viral and gain fame, and she took the ball and ran with it, pivoting to other business ventures. 

One such venture has been her modeling career, and Yanet moved to Manhattan to make her dreams come true. 

As viewers can see from Yanet’s recent share, she has a knack for posing in front of the camera.

Yanet’s 14.9 million Instagram followers were the first recipients of a photo shoot showing the beautiful model by the pool. She rocked a copper-colored swimsuit with a satiny finish and strings, keeping the garment in place.

Yanet Garcia strikes a pose by the pool

The fitness enthusiast was all smiles as she sat next to a pool with her tresses cascading down her back.

Yanet donned soft glam makeup with a matte lip and smoky eyes as she stared at the camera. She wore chunky gold hoops which peeked out from her soft curls.

In an Instagram post featuring the shoot, Yanet tagged celebrity hairstylist Violet Teriti for creating her luscious locks. She also credited Kevin Rivas for caking her face like a pro.

yanet bikini
Pic credit: @iamyanetgarcia/Instagram

Yanet is looking at a long career ahead of her because she has other projects that have seen success.

Yanet Garcia’s diet and nutrition coaching career

Another source of income for Yanet has been her diet coaching. Yanet got her muscular figure through years of training at the gym. 

Yanet told Women Fitness about the importance of eating properly to achieve results.

She explained, “Diet is 70% of the goal. It depends in each one’s metabolism and objectives, that’s why it is important to see a health professional, I recommend to include in your diet proteins, carbs and vegetables.”

Yanet decided to teach others how to receive similar results. Accordingly, she studied hard and obtained a certified health coach certificate from the Nutrition School. 

After receiving accreditation, Yanet was able to offer nutrition advice.

Yanet posted her certificate and a caption that read, in part, “Do not stop preparing, improving yourself and giving your best every day. Remember that if you want something in life you have to CREATE IT! Don’t expect anything to come into your life as ‘luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.”‘

Fans can receive Yanet’s services on her nutrition Instagram.

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4 months ago

Absolutely STUNNING!!!!!