Meghan McCain is siding with Jonah Hill after Sarah Brady put him on blast

Meghan McCain and Jonah Hill on the red carpet
Meghan has defended Jonah after his ex Sarah called him out for his behavior. Pic credit: © Hinton/Image Press Agency

Former The View co-host Meghan McCain stands with Jonah Hill after his ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady put him on blast over the weekend.

Sarah dated Jonah for over a year, making their red carpet debut in August 2021 but calling it quits sometime in 2022.

On Friday, Sarah took to her Instagram Stories to share screenshots of texts from Jonah as a warning to women.

The surfer called him “emotionally abusive,” “narcissistic,” and a “misogynist” for trying to control who she was friends with, what she wore, what she posted on social media, and even modeling.

Jonah referred to those things as his boundaries, but Sarah did not see it that way, so she put him on blast.

Now Meghan has entered the chat taking Jonah’s side and calling out Sarah for her actions.

The View’s Meghan McCain stands up for Jonah Hill after Sarah Brady outed his behavior

In a piece for the Daily Mail, Meghan made a case for sticking by Jonah instead of canceling the actor.

“I don’t think Hill sounds anything like the monster his ex portrays him to be,” Megan wrote. “Is it really so wrong for a man to ask his girlfriend to respect his ‘boundaries’? We women do the same all the time! … Good for him.”

The former The View co-host went on explain she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with men telling their significant others exactly want they want in the relationship.

Meghan thinks women should help or encourage men to speak more and share their true feelings. She feels this was precisely what Jonah did to Sarah.

She also called out the double standard that if Sarah had put the kind of boundaries on Jonah that he put on her, that would be perfectly acceptable. Since Jonah did, though, it has been called “emotional abuse” or controlling.

Meghan didn’t agree with everything Jonah said in his text messages admitting she was not a fan of him cursing at Sarah and being cruel to her.

After standing up for the 21 Jump Street star, Meghan took aim at Sarah making Jonah’s text messages public.

Meghan McCain blasts Sarah Brady over leaked Jonah Hill text messages

The timing of Sarah posting Jonah’s text message was brought into question by Meghan.

Sarah did admit that she waited until after Olivia Millar, Jonah’s girlfriend, gave birth to their first child. This was out of concern for Olivia’s health while she was pregnant.

Megan felt Sarah’s reason was simply manipulative and that the surfer was only coming across as a martyr.

“It must be every public person’s nightmare to have their private messages blasted out for the world to read and judge,” Meghan expressed in her Daily Mail column.

Meghan McCain doesn’t think the court of opinion should condemn Jonah Hill. In fact, she thinks Sarah Brady was in the wrong putting their private texts out on social media.

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