Meghan Markle’s fans call out comedian Simon Brodkin over ‘cheap jokes’

Meghan Markle at a random event.
Meghan Markle’s fans come to her defense after a comedian’s bad joke. Pic credit: ¬©

Despite moving to North America and leaving the royal family behind as non-working royals, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle still have many fans.

These fans are not afraid to speak up and let their displeasure be known when they feel that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are slighted.

A recent clip has surfaced that has these fans up in arms over how comedian Simon Brodkin portrayed the royal couple.

The English comedian Simon Brodkin described his feelings in this clip after watching the Netflix docuseries Harry and Meghan.

This docuseries has the distinction of having the highest viewing time of any documentary to debut on Netflix in its debut week. But Simon did not like it.

The clip begins with Simon saying, “I wanted to like them… Harry and Meghan.”

He continued, “Rooting for Prince Andrew” after listening to Harry and Meghan in the docuseries. Prince Andrew has alleged connections to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, so this was meant as a dig at Harry and Meghan.

Meghan and Harry’s fans do not like the disrespect

One of Meghan’s fans reached out on Simon’s X account and let him have it. She mentioned the hate that is “causing Meghan to get death threats.”

She also called these jokes “cheap jokes.” Meghan has gotten death threats in the past that are real and deemed credible by police, according to the Independent.

Meghan Markle fan support
Followers show Meghan Markle support over comedic putdowns. Pic credit: @SimonBrodkin/X

Another of Harry and Meghan’s fans accused Simon of using them to get “attention & engagement.” This may have worked; the tweet attached to Simon’s clip has gotten 155,000 views.

A fan of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shows support
Fans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle show support. Pic credit: @SimonBrodkin/X

And yet another fan accused him of “Riding the Sussex coattails for relevance.”

A fan of the royal couple shows support
Fans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle show support. Pic credit: @SimonBrodkin/X

Meghan and Harry have had a bad year in 2023

Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, have had a rough year in 2023.
The much-anticipated release of Harry’s autobiography, Spare, has been labeled a financial failure.

Because it did not do well, Meghan is being advised to hold off on her memoir, as previously reported on Monsters and Critics.

The couple has not spent time with the Royal family this Christmas season, which is unfortunate. Harry reportedly called his father, King Charles, on his birthday. It was hoped that this would begin a thaw between the fractured family.

The New Year is upon us; hopefully, 2024 will be a better year for Harry and Meghan.

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2 months ago

Maybe if Markle kept her mouth shut and stop telling lies and attacking the royals she wouldn’t be getting any threats. Everything that happens or didn’t happen is their own fault, no one else’s.

susanna rowe
susanna rowe
1 month ago
Reply to  Deliworker

I agree with you DeliWorker