Meghan Markle fans speculate if she’s had work done on her face

Meghan Markle on the red carpet
Fans of Meghan Markle speculate if she has had work done on her face. Pic credit: ©

The Duchess of Sussex, or as most of the world knows, Meghan Markle, has fans wondering about her this week.

The former actress, who married into royalty with her marriage to Prince Harry, has sparked rumors of plastic surgery procedures in the past.

She had been accused of copying Kate Middleton’s look to look more glamorous early last year.

Rumors like that continue to plague Meghan anytime she is away from the spotlight for any length of time.

Most recently, she missed her husband Harry’s Aviation award ceremony, and new rumors have popped up that she has had more work done.

Anytime a photo or video of Meghan surfaces, fans are quick to study her face to see if anything has changed. A fan just posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, alleging Meghan had more work done.

Fans notice something is up with Meghan’s face

Once fans started comparing a newer photo of Meghan to an older one, all the changes they noted, the social media comments ramped up.

One fan said, “She also changed her veneers to smaller ones.”

Another commented on her ending up with Lisa Rinna’s lips. As previously reported on Monsters and Critics, Lisa is known for her oversized lips.

Another fan was sure that Meghan’s lips had been done, and another accused her of “trying to look like a Kardashian.”

Meghan Markle fans talking about her face on X.
Pic credit: @Feenix0081/X

Even more comments came in alleging that Meghan has had work done.

One fan said, “When the upper lip becomes fuller than fuller than the bottom lip, a mistake has been made. She’s going down a bad path.”

One fan called it by saying, “Fillers.” One other posted a photo gif of Lisa Rinna focused on her full lips.

Fans on X speaking out on Meghan Markle's face.
Pic credit: @Feenix0081/X

With the recent reports of celebrities using Ozempic or other diabetes-turned-weightloss drugs to lose weight, The Hollywood Gossip has reported that rumors are circulating that Meghan has used them too.

Life & Style reports that an insider says of Meghan, “When Meghan is stressed, she barely eats.”

Meghan and Harry are under tremendous stress after a horrible year. They had lawsuits, Meghan did not get the Dior contract she wanted, and they got roasted at the Golden Globes, to name a few things.

So whether the changes to Meghan’s looks are from stress, a diet drug, or even plastic surgery procedures, fans have to agree that she looks excellent right now.

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1 month ago

DON’T ladies. Good nutrition and good habits are proven to ‘renew’ the face and of course, we must have some grace about aging. I know someone who paid a FORTUNE for a few fillers and they made her look incredibly weird and now the latest is that these are DANGEROUS. Just out this info.