Meghan Markle allegedly ‘traumatized’ two assistants, bullying inquiry will never be made public

Meghan Markle close up
The Meghan Markle bullying investigation will not have conclusions released, Buckingham Palace has confirmed. Pic credit: © Mayhew/Landmark-Media

There has been huge secrecy surrounding the investigation of Meghan Markle allegedly bullying her staff members, and Buckingham Palace has finally confirmed they will not be releasing any details about the findings to the public.

The accusations were a huge deal at the time, and now it’s been reported that not even the members of staff who were interviewed for the investigation know what the outcome was, with Buckingham Palace officials said to have “buried” the conclusion.

Buckingham Palace officials are scared of upsetting Harry and Meghan

According to Daily Mail, the Palace today confirmed that they have “revised” their HR policies after the investigation, but they have not released any further details.

Sources told the Mail that Palace officials are scared to anger Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, with an insider saying, “The household seems to be terrified of upsetting or provoking Harry and Meghan.”

It’s not surprising, considering Meghan and Harry have done a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, and Harry is set to release a memoir this year that is sure to fly off the shelves depending on the revelations about the royal family.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said as much, telling the Daily Mail, “The Palace, faced with the possibility of a memoir by Harry later this year and who knows what else if the Sussexes, as budding philanthropists, were antagonized, has simply closed it down. This is obviously an olive branch to the Sussexes too.”

Multiple staff members accused the Sussexes of inflicting ’emotional cruelty’ on them

Multiple former members of Meghan and Harry’s staff complained to The Times of London that Meghan had left them “sick,” and “terrified,” inflicting “emotional cruelty” on staff whom she allegedly drove out. A staff member accused the pair of being “outrageous bullies.”

Two personal assistants were allegedly driven out of the royal household, with other staff members saying they were “traumatized” and left in tears.

Palace officials confirmed today that the investigation was finished and “recommendation” on their “policy and procedures” had been taken. Unfortunately for the former members of staff who were interviewed, they were not made privy to details of the conclusion.

People are not surprised the investigation was buried by Buckingham Palace

One source told the Daily Mail, “People suspected it would be buried, and now it seems that it has. Considering those who participated did so at great personal and reputational risk to themselves, the fact that they haven’t even been told what the findings are is unfathomable. I am sure they will be deeply distressed, but perhaps not entirely surprised given how things have been handled.”

The investigation was ordered by the Queen at the time, who hired a third-party law firm to carry it out, though the Sussexes were enraged by the convenient timing. The bullying accusations and subsequent investigation were announced in the lead-up to the Oprah Winfrey tell-all interview that the Sussexes took part in.

A spokesperson for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle called it a “calculated smear campaign” at the time.

The accusations of bullying, which mostly focus on Meghan, are extremely shocking considering she has campaigned so hard for women’s rights and claims she and her husband, Prince Harry, are feminists.

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