Megan Thee Stallion throws out first pitch for Astros game

megan thee stallion selfie from ig
Rapper Megan Thee Stallion helped the Astros get their season started in Houston. Pic credit: @theestallion/Instagram

MLB’s opening day arrived this past Thursday, and with that, fans and celebrities went to ballparks to support their favorite teams for the various games.

Among them was hip-hop star Megan Thee Stallion, who appeared in her home city of Houston, Texas, to toss out the first pitch for the MLB’s Astros.

For the appearance, Megan looked incredible in a pair of curve-hugging white pants to go with clean white sneakers as she stood on the pitcher’s mound.

To represent her team, she also wore one of the Astros jerseys, which she had tied in the center to create a crop top, revealing her toned midsection.

Based on a carousel post shared by Complex and Complex Sports, the Hot Girl Summer hitmaker was accessorized with sparkling bling, including several thick necklaces, one of which featured a “Hot Girl” pendant with it.

The Instagram pages also included some ESPN video footage of Megan’s pitch, as the commentator indicated the new pitch clock added to baseball this season was underway for her throw.

Megan thee Stallion throws out the first pitch at the Houston Astros opener

In a lengthier clip shared by Sports Grid Radio on Twitter (below), Megan is shown walking to the mound in her form-fitting pants. The commentator reveals there are over 40,000 fans in attendance for the Astros’ home opener, although Megan is used to performing for large crowds worldwide.

As far as her pitch, she strikes a few fun poses on the mound before it’s time to throw the ball. Several times, she points to the Astros catcher, David Hensley, with the team’s mascot, Orbit, filling in as the pretend umpire.

Unfortunately for Megan, her throw was a bit outside and would’ve been a ball in an official count. Still, Megan seemed to have fun with the throw, hugging the Astros player and smiling away afterward.

After the first pitch, Megan also posed alongside Hensley and Orbit for photos before the game started.

Her H-town squad would suffer a loss to start the season, falling 3-2 to the Chicago White Sox. However, they’ll have a chance to improve their record as the two teams play each other three more times in Houston over the next several days.

Megan Thee Stallion’s workout plan

While Megan won’t be joining the Astros pitching rotation anytime soon, she still keeps herself in fantastic shape for her chosen career, which includes performing at concerts and appearing in music videos or other gigs, like She-Hulk or Saturday Night Live.

Last July, the rapper shared a video clip of herself decked out in a bright yellow or neon green workout gear set featuring a sports bra and spandex shorts to go with Nike sneakers.

In her video, she performed a series of exercises with her song Pressurelicious featuring Future playing in the background. The routine began with Megan doing squats and stiff-legged deadlifts using a kettlebell.

She then changed into an all-black Nike workout gear set to go through crunches to work on her abdominal muscles. Another move had Megan and a woman beside her lying on their backs, raising their glutes and lower backs off the floor bridge-style while performing chest presses with dumbbells.

A machine was part of the workout as Megan used a rope attachment on the cable weight machine to perform several triceps exercises. Other parts of the routine she demonstrated include fire hydrants and using a stair stepper for cardio. Check out the full video below.

“Goodmorningggg hotties ITS A NEW WEEK ! PERFECT CHANCE TO GET BACK TO HOTTIE BOOT CAMP ??? I want the hotties that wanna jump on hottie bootcamp to tag me in yalls work out videos for the next ten days and let’s keep each other motivated to stay consistent,” she wrote in part of her caption.

In 2021 Megan officially partnered with Nike as she presented her fitness journey and brought forth various workouts on the Nike Training Club app. According to Shape, Megan dubbed herself “Thee Hot Girl Coach” as part of the partnership to encourage others to get fit.

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