Megan Thee Stallion stuns in jewel covered bikini and matching choker

Megan Thee Stallion in her newest YouTube video
Megan Thee Stallion sparkled in a full silver ensemble on her social media. Pic credit: Megan Thee Stallion/YouTube

Singer Megan Thee Stallion took the word “dazzling” to a whole new level on her social media today.

The Savage star posted a series of five photos to show off an outfit she wore in her new Artist Spotlight video produced by YouTube Music.

Megan wore a full silver jeweled lingierie set and matching accessories

In the photos, Megan wore a bra and panties made solely of flashy, silver gems. The pieces were also connected by multiple strings of sparkling silver studs.

To accompany the highly intricate outfit, Megan added silver rings, bracelets, earrings, a belly button ring, a choker, and even silver studs on her eyelids. With long, wavy blonde hair and long white nails to complete the look, Megan may have just become the internet’s latest ice queen.

The photos showed her in one of the few knockout outfits she wore in her newest YouTube video on her channel. In the video, she embodied three different personas, and the one in this outfit was named Tina Snow.

“Click the link in my bio to see TINA SNOW in my new @youtubemusic story,” Megan captioned the photos.

Watch Megan Thee Stallion as Tina Snow in her Artist Spotlight video

Summer’s most known “Hot Girl” recently uploaded a new 10-minute-long video to her YouTube channel, titled MEGAN THEE STALLION – Artist Spotlight Stories. Produced by YouTube Music, the video is a play on what goes on inside Megan’s brain as she attempts to write new music.

The video includes Megan Thee Stallion’s three personas – who she refers to as Hot Girl Meg, Tina Snow, and Suga. Each of these girls, who represent the different personalities of the singer, wore a different outfit and gave different advice as she moved through a busy day in her life.

The fiery ringleader persona Tina Snow came in hot at the beginning of the video, when she woke Megan up by yelling, “wake the hell up! We got so much s**t to do today, I’m not even joking!”

The video then goes on to display the text, “Once upon a time in Megan’s brain…”

The video is ultimately a fun, entertaining, and playful way for Megan to show the process of everything that goes on in her head and all the distractions she faces while writing music. The caption in the video includes the link to her latest compilation album titled Something For Thee Hotties.

Megan also changed her Instagram bio to say “TINA SN❄️W” with a direct link to her Artist Spotlight video.

To really show off her character’s look, Megan uploaded a photo of the silver outfit and accessories in even closer detail with the added text, “I meannn.”

Megan Thee Stallion's Instagram story
Pic credit: @theestallion/Instagram

Fans are loving Megan’s creativity in her YouTube video

The top comments on Megan’s videos were filled with nothing but support and applause for the rapper.

“This was so cute and funny, I can definitely tell Meg’s personality was 100% in this, she so goofy. Also the makeup…the costumes…Meg stay looking fine,” Jamon Gibbs wrote.

Comment on Megan's YouTube video
Pic credit: @Megan Thee Stallion/YouTube

YouTube user Testifying4Jesus wrote, “I love her creativity she’s so talented !!!! We need to see her in movies and Tv shows!!!”

Comment on Megan's creativity
Pic credit: @Megan Thee Stallion/YouTube

Randa applauded Megan’s unique and exciting projects – “I love how everything she does and everything about her is just so exciting and interesting. She makes you want to stay tuned.”

Randa's comment on Megan's YouTube video
Pic credit: @Megan Thee Stallion/YouTube

Whether she’s Megan Thee Stallion, Tina Snow, Hot Girl Meg, or Suga, fans are sure to keep supporting the artist’s fun and creative projects no matter what she wants to be called.

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