Megan Thee Stallion pairs see-through mesh dress with black lingerie and it’s a look

Megan Thee Stallion in a GQ interview
Megan Thee Stallion stuns in a black outfit on her Instagram feed. Pic credit: @GQ/YouTube

Megan is giving her followers exactly what they want – a “photo dump” of current pictures and her in a see-through mesh dress.

The Savage superstar has taken to Instagram to show her fans what she’s been up to lately.

The post includes 10 different photos that range from her working out in the gym to a table filled with eight cappuccino cups.

However, the first photo is sure to be what grabs fans’ attention – Megan is spotted getting into a black car in an all-black ensemble.

Meg wears black lingerie underneath a see-through black mesh dress

In the photo, Megan has a long leather coat covering her up, along with a headscarf and stylish black sunglasses. Let’s just say, she’s definitely not shying away from showing off her body-ody-ody.

Speaking of Body, Megan sings the line in her top-charting song, “yeah, you look good, but they still wanna know where Megan at.”

Don’t worry – she answers the question in the accompanying caption of the post, “Been working be back soon – megs.”

If you swipe through the post, you’ll get a glimpse into the rapper’s life as of lately. Other photos in the series include her posing outside of a car in a black and white checkered outfit, a mirror selfie in a pink loungewear set, and a close-up of her silver nails and eye-catching silver jewelry.

Aside from photos of her, she also includes a photo of two grey dogs hanging out of a car window and a sign that reads, “reserved for MTS.”

The last photo in the series is a photo of her in a matching black FashionNova set – jazzed up with accents of pink “flaming money” signs.

Fans can definitely conclude that the WAP icon has been lavishly maintaining a busy schedule, even if she hasn’t been keeping her followers in the know of every endeavor.

What the followers are saying about Megan The Stallion’s update

The top comment on Megan’s post comes from dancer Dnay B who showed support by writing, “There she is.”

Dance Dnay comments on Megan's Instagram post
Pic credit: @dnaybisme/Instagram

Many other fans have joined in to show their support for whatever she has coming next. User @yaboycjd wrote, “Make moves in silence” accompanied by a winking face emoji.

Instagram comment that reads make moves in silence
Pic credit: @yaboycjd/Instagram

Another user showed support with the comment, “Take ya time we love you.”

Instagram comment that says take ya time we love you
Pic comments: @hunterjgallagher/Instagram

Although fans may not know exactly what the rapper will do next, they can be sure to see her in the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Super Bowl campaign this Sunday. She will be appearing in a new Frito-Lay Super Bowl commercial, and although Megan has partnered with many other brands before, she seems excited in her recent Instagram posts to be partnering with this one.

The Hot Cheetos partnership is perfect for ‘real hot girl’ Megan Thee Stallion.

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