Megan Thee Stallion announces college graduation with pink bikini pics

Megan Thee Stallion posing in a selfie posted on Instagram
Megan Thee Stallion posing in a selfie posted on Instagram. Pic credit: @theestallion/Instagram

Megan Thee Stallion announced on Instagram that she is graduating from college this December, and the announcement was nothing short of her “hot girl” aesthetic.

Megan Thee Stallion’s graduation bikini

Megan Thee Stallion was surrounded by brightly colored cars as she posed for her photos. 

Although four cars in total are visible, the two in the background of her photos have their trunks open with neon signage, one reading “IMA STANDOUT WIT NO HANDOUTS.”

Megan is dressed in a hot pink thong bikini, accessorized with silver bracelets, rings, chain, and stilettos. 

The outfit features a silk, hot pink stole that appears to be embellished with one of Texas Southern University’s logos. 

Megan’s bikini pics are the first graduation photos the rapper posted. 

Following her graduation announcement, Megan announced she would be performing live in Houston on December 3 for the grand opening of 713 Music Hall. 

The announcement features one of the photos from her graduation photo set.

In true hot girl fashion, Megan Thee Stallion posted another set of graduation photos, this time featuring a black dress and her graduation cap. 

The second set of photos are in front of the Texas Southern University sign with some photos that appear to be around the campus. 

December is looking like an eventful month for the rapper as she prepares for her show, graduation, and a graduation party. 

What is Megan Thee Stallion’s major?

Megan Thee Stallion opened up about her college journey at Texas Southern University and why she is pursuing her degree in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

She is pursuing her degree in health administration and has been determined to finish the degree for her mother and her grandmother. 

In the interview, Megan says she wants to open her own assisted living facilities in the future, so finishing her degree was not optional to complete that goal. 

She said that college is hard and taking classes online has been hard too, but fewer distractions were doing online courses rather than attending class on campus. 

Throughout her education, Megan has handled her fame, entered a new relationship and celebrated their anniversary, worked with Fashion Nova for her fashion line, and has set up a scholarship fund program. 

A look at Texas Southern University

According to Texas Southern University’s website, the college campus is 150 acres with enrollment numbers at about 9,700 students. 

It is one of the United State’s largest historically black universities and is considered to be one of the most diverse campuses in Texas. 

The school was founded in 1927 in Houston, TX. The school’s current president is Dr. Lesia L. Crumpton-Young. 

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