Megan Fox sizzles in new pics, puts rumors of a split to rest as she poses with boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox on set
Megan Fox finally broke her Instagram silence yesterday, sharing new sizzling pics. Pic credit: ©ImageCollectAgency/Acepixs

Megan Fox has broken her six-week-long silence on Instagram and the pics were worth the wait.

Megan rocked an all-black ensemble for her first post on Instagram in six weeks

The Transformers and Night Teeth actress, 35, shared some fresh, sizzling pics on her social media account last night, showing off her age-defying, flawless complexion and fit physique.

The pics came after the actress walked the red carpet with Machine Gun Kelly for the debut of his genderless nail polish line, UN/DN LAQR.

Keeping her long hair down, the actress was a vision in her all-black attire, save for some deep red lipstick, bubblegum-pink nails, and her signature piercing blue eyes.

Megan wore a revealing, front-slit, long-sleeved black blazer that was tied off at the waist with a braided belt.

The top displayed plenty of skin and a bejeweled, x-shaped harness crisscrossed on her bare chest for a look that was accentuated only by Megan’s glowing skin.

Some seriously short-shorts of a lacy appearance peeked out from under her blazer while her ankles and calves were encircled with elaborate strings stemming from open-toed heels.

Megan’s posting comes after speculation that she and Machine Gun Kelly had split

Megan shared two shots with her boyfriend of around 20 months, Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker.

The eclectic and controversial pair put fans’ fears at ease with the new snaps, settling the rumor that the duo had gone their separate ways after MGK was seen at this fall’s AMA’s with his daughter, Cassie, instead of Megan.

Megan was reportedly filming abroad at the time but speculations still ran high given the couple is rarely seen apart at red carpet events.

MGK wore an equally dark ensemble for his appearance with Megan on her Instagram feed, donning a black, shimmery jacket to complement her blazer.

However, the remainder of the pop punk singer’s look was a far cry from the darker hues worn by his partner, although the bottom half of his body was not visible and so it is uncertain if his pants matched his top or not.

Rocking the dyed-blonde, cropped hair he is generally known for maintaining, MGK added to his sparkly top with some splashes of silver jewelry that ran down his neck and adorned his fingers.

MGK twinned with Megan in a small, but adorably-them way, showing off bright pink fingernails in the same shade as Megan’s pink claws.

The singer also wore silver earrings, a silver nose ring, and pasted on a silver design under his bottom lip.

Megan’s latest film, Johnny & Clyde, is currently in post-production and has not received an official release date yet.

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