Megan Fox shocks in see-through sheer gown while attending the VMAs with Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox on the red carpet
Megan Fox once again has the world shook after donning another risque outfit. Pic credit: ©ImageCollectAgency/HollywoodNewsWire

Megan Fox is doing what she does best and sending more shock waves across the internet.

The Transformers actress and mom of three, 35, bared all in a super sheer Thierry Mugler gown with nothing but a silver triangular bottom and shimmery top covering her up.

Megan kept her waist-length hair loose and down as she strutted the red carpet displaying some PDA with boyfriend Colson Baker, aka Machine Gun Kelly, 31, who looked slick in a vibrant, sparkly red suit and silver embellishments on his face.

Machine Gun Kelly was not only there as an award hopeful, but he also showed off his skills alongside drummer Travis Barker for a collab of their song Papercuts.

Travis brought along his main squeeze Kourtney Kardashian to the event, another couple who is well known now for their own public displays of affection.

Megan posted several pics of the happy couple to her Instagram with the caption, “Daddy’s gonna win a VMA.”

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly hit the town with Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian

After Machine Gun took home the trophy for Best Alternative Video for his song My Ex’s Best Friend, in collaboration with artist Blackbear, he hit the town with Megan, Kourtney, and Travis for a double date.

According to People magazine, all four celebs had changed into different attire for their evening out.

Travis traded his VMA outfit for black pants, a white tank, and a beanie, while Kourtney was seen with a floral top, leather pants, and red-heeled shoes.

Megan swapped her see-through outfit for a mildly tamer silver mini dress with a cut-out mid section and strappy silver heels, while MGK rocked a sparkly purple jacket, purple t-shirt, and purple pants.

The eclectic and boundary-pushing pair packed on the physical attentiveness, something they have become well known for doing pretty much wherever they go.

Megan and Machine Gun Kelly shocked fans at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this year

At the Billboard Music Awards in May, Megan and MGK shocked the music industry and fans after showing up with Megan in another eye-popping ensemble as she rocked another gown with a sheer skirt and majorly cut-out bodice that revealed plenty of skin.

Machine Gun Kelly didn’t fail to bring his own shock-value to the event, wearing an open buttoned shirt, stark black suit, and a freshly-dyed black tongue.

With Megan and MGK showing the world that opposites do attract, time will tell what the future holds for this dynamic duo as they pass the one-and-a-half-year mark of being together.

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