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Megan Fox thinks Chelsea Handler’s aborted fetus watches over her via her dog

Megan Fox explains the findings of her reading on Chelsea Handler's Netflix show
Megan Fox explains the findings of her reading on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show

Megan Fox has been trying out her psychic talents on Chelsea Handler — and told the host that she believes her aborted fetus is watching over her via her dog Chunk.

Fox appeared to leave the presenter utterly bemused with her astrology chart reading while appearing on her Netflix show Chelsea.

The pregnant actress said she had sensed a ‘soul’ belonging to the fetus and that along with her mother they looked over Chelsea via her dog Chunk.

Fox said: “What I got was that there is a soul that is around you and around your dog, that was a child that was conceived at some point; that’s yours, that’s over there with your mother and they do watch over you through the dog.”

Chelsea responds by calling Fox’s findings ‘interesting’ but has a remarkably deadpan expression as she concludes the chat.

Watch the video below.

Julian Cheatle

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