Megan Fox in plunging top says she’s ‘taking applications’

Megan Fox is stunning in her colorful crop top.
Megan Fox is stunning as she announces that she’s taking applications for a new girlfriend. Pic credit: @meganfox/Instagram

Megan Fox certainly knows how to turn heads, especially when it comes to her stylish fashion trends along with her romantic relationship with Machine Gun Kelly.

However, in her latest share, The Transformers actress wowed her fans again, but this time, it was for a completely different reason.

In the array of photos that she provided, Megan beautifully posed in her low-cut tank top as she surprised fans with her unique request.

In the post’s caption, she wrote, “Currently seeking a girlfriend. Please submit applications in the DMs.”

Megan gifted her 20.7 million followers with jaw-dropping content as she uploaded the selfies onto her Instagram Feed.

It goes without saying that Megan’s post was surely going to be flooded with thousands of applications as her fiance, MGK, was seen missing from the collage of photos.

Megan Fox surprises fans with her unique request

As expected, Megan looked nothing short of perfect as she effortlessly glowed in all of the photographs that she provided.

In the first slide, the celeb gave her fans a close-up view of her immaculate complexion as she sported a low-cut tank top.

The multi-colored top featured a mixture of red, black, and purple hues and hugged her body perfectly.

Megan also rocked her infamous fuzzy bucket hat, and this time, she went with purple to match the rest of the flashy attire. Without a doubt, this is definitely Megan’s new staple look.

The actress then styled her hair in brown waves that beautifully flowed down the front of her chest.

She completed the glamorous look by wearing a full face of makeup. She went with a smokey eye, then added a pretty bat wing effect for an extra little flair, and then finalized the look with a pink glossy lip.

Overall, Megan looked stunning once again as she happily reached out to her fans.

Megan Fox partners with Boohoo for their second launch

In another recent post, Megan announced her partnership with Boohoo clothing company as the two collaborated with one another to create their second epic collection.

Boohoo is known for its trendy fashion and stylish pieces, and this new launch was a perfect demonstration of just that.

Megan helped the company design the new statement pieces as she modeled some of the clothing for her fans right before the big drop.

In the post, Megan posed in a satin-like coat that was tied tightly around her waist. The gorgeous orange coat looked stunning on the actress as she coordinated it with a pair of matching mesh heels.

Fans can now shop the new collection on Boohoo’s website, where they’ll find their latest and greatest drops along with a huge selection of sale items.

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