Meet the hunky Norwegian Navy officer who looks like a real-life Viking god

One of Lasse's brooding pics which has helped him become an overnight sensation on Instagram
One of Lasse’s brooding pics which have helped him become an overnight sensation on Instagram

Hunky Norwegian Navy officer Lasse L. Matberg has been causing some serious cases of rising blood pressure in various corners of the internet — with people saying he looks like a real-life Norwegian god.

The 30-year-old has been getting lots of people weak at the knees thanks to his long blonde locks, tousled beard, and the fact that he’s, well, totally stacked.

A giant meme that’s been doing the rounds, and which you can read in full below, says: “Some say he is the real-life Thor”.

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Lasse, who is a hulking 6’6″ tall, has built up a following of more than 400,000 fans on Instagram almost overnight thanks to his constant stream of various topless and rugged-looking pics.

He was recently signed up as an ambassador for Tough Mudder, the gruelling races which bear similarity to the tests he puts others through in his role with the Norwegian Navy.

As if he wasn’t already manly enough, the L. in his name stands for Lion.


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