Meadow Walker is bare-faced and gorgeous as she shows off freckles and flawless skin

Meadow Walker
Paul Walker’s daughter is feeling free as she poses nude and shows her natural skin following a public emotional outburst. Pic credit: @meadowwalker/Instagram

Meadow Walker embraced a natural look in a recent share posted on social media.

The daughter of late actor Paul Walker took to Instagram, where followers have likely grown accustomed to seeing modeling shots of the young woman.

Meadow did a different kind of modeling recently, however.

The model opted to go in selfie mode for a mirror pic shared with her 3.7 million Instagram followers.

The famous face posed from a bathroom with a stoic look on her face.

Meadow kept the caption simple, writing, “sleepy.”

She appeared to be in better spirits following a recent emotional outburst captured by paparazzi.

Meadow Walker embraced a natural look

Meadow looked bare-faced and beautiful with a large iPhone in her hand. Her beauty shined through as she gazed into the mirror with big blue eyes and a pout.

She also showed her clean manicure, with clear polish on her nails.

Meadow’s dark hair was in a center part with natural waves as it remained unstyled.

She showed the view from her bodice up, revealing her freckles and natural glow.

There was a mirror and a vanity full of cosmetics behind the model.

She displayed her massive wedding ring, perhaps signaling that all was well in the marriage world.

Meadow Walker photographed crying at lunch with husband

Relationships can be complicated, and sometimes, dramatic fights occur.

But when you are Meadow Walker, your theatrical arguments could become headline news. The model found that out recently when she was in New York at a restaurant with her husband.

Paparazzi caught Meadow and her husband of one year, Louis Thornton-Allan, grabbing a bite in Manhattan. Louis wore gray joggers and sported a casual look, as did Meadow, who also rocked pink sweatpants and a comfortable ensemble.

However, something unexpected happened, as Meadow became visibly upset and broke out in tears.

As reported by Page Six, Meadow had an emotional outburst, and she left the table at one point. Meadow got up from her seat and went to the sidewalk, where she crouched on the ground and continued to cry.

She eventually regained her composure and rejoined her husband at the outdoor table.

The publication reached out to the couple but received no response.

Meadow has since posted photos with her husband, so it appears the two, who are coming up on one year of marriage, have resolved their dispute.

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