McKayla Maroney shares the love with her fans and donations for her birthday

McKayla Maroney close up
McKayla Maroney looks stunning in her peach-colored dress. Pic credit: @mckaylamaroney/Instagram

McKayla Maroney celebrated her birthday a little differently this year, as she reached out to her fans asking them for their help.

The retired, Olympic gymnast shared a special collage of photos with her fans as she announced that she was celebrating her 27th year around the sun.

However, in addition to her birthday announcement, McKayla expressed that she wanted her fans to help raise awareness and further donate to a good cause.

The gymnast took to Instagram with this request as she shared it with her 1.4 million followers.

As she provided her fans with an array of eye-catching pictures she also surprised them by saying she’d pick one lucky winner, from those who donated.

The winner would receive a lovely cash prize, a signed autograph from one picture of their choosing, along with a 10-minute phone call.

McKayla Maroney stuns for some birthday love

With a massive prize on the line, it would only make sense that the athlete would have thousands of donations trickling in, in order to honor her special birthday wishes.

As McKayla shared her thoughtful mission, she also gifted her followers with some aesthetically pleasing views as well.

In the first slide, McKayla stood outside as the sun shined down on her while she posed in her peach-colored minidress. The pretty minidress was a ribbed texture that had a large cut-out design on the back.

The Olympian had her back toward the camera while she then slightly turned her head over her shoulders.

Her hair was styled in light brown waves, while it beautifully flowed along her back.

While the sunlight beat down, McKayla’s face was effortlessly glowing and she sported a more natural-looking face.

In the second slide, McKayla looked just as stunning while she rocked a high-waisted leather skirt and paired it with a simple black t-shirt and a leather garter belt around one leg.

The photo was captured in mid-action as the gymnast had her hands in the air while her hair was blown out on both sides.

The other slides featured more of McKayla’s wardrobe masterpieces from which one lucky winner would select an autographed photo of their choosing.

She expressed her love as she wrote, “Feel free to donate just because! Or because you love me and it’s my birthday? It’s a great foundation!!! ♥️ Anything helps ?❄️ Seriously!! I’ll be responding to as many donations as I can on the site itself, so check back to link ? I LOVE YOU.”

McKayla Maroney shares all of her beauty and health advice

The fan-favorite gymnast has been a known advocate for mental health and overall one’s well-being.

McKayla proved just that by creating her own space on Instagram, Glow by McKayla, where she shares her helpful tips and advice when it comes to improving mental and physical health.

The gymnast has posted some of her favorite products on the page which have included a variety of different supplements, vitamins, skincare, and makeup products.

She also used the space to promote Miage Skincare which she exclusively partnered with to create La Milpa Lip Treatment.

Miage Skincare and McKayla worked together to create a special lip product that would effortlessly hydrate any dry lips while also providing a special, glossy glow.

McKayla has certainly demonstrated her kind-hearted soul as she’s continued to push fans to be their best self while providing them with the best beauty and health tips along the way.

Follow Glow by McKayla on Instagram to keep up to date with her latest tips and tricks.

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