McKayla Maroney makes colorful entrance into December

Close up of Mckayla Maroney.
McKayla Maroney is gorgeous in a tight dress. Pic credit: @mckaylamaroney/Instagram

McKayla Maroney wowed her fans with a bold fashion look this week as she celebrated the start of her birthday month.

The Olympic gold medalist looked amazing as she wore a brightly colored midi dress featuring clashing prints.

She paired her look with a checked green blazer and a pair of ruched burgundy knee-high boots.

The stunning 26-year-old carried a Louis Vuitton bag from her arm and accessorized her look with cat-eye sunglasses and multiple rings on her fingers.

She wore her long dark hair loose and tousled with dark eye makeup and a lipstick pout.

McKayla wrote a positive message in the caption to go with the photos, “Happy December 1st !!!!❄️ Hope you like Sagittarius energy? Praying that your last month of 2022 is your greatest!!! Accomplish something new! Forgive. Make amends. Take a chance! Give where you can. Go out of your way to be a light!!!!.”

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Get McKayla’s print-clash look

70’s crochet skinny halter midi dress by ASOS


McKayla stepped out in a bold look this week, but we’re all for a print-clash, so we tried to find similar items so you can copy her colorful look.

McKayla’s printed midi dress is super bright, but we thought this trend looks better if you pare-back the print slightly. We found this halter neck dress by Asos which looks great with this green boucle blazer by River Island to mirror McKayla’s outfit.

Finally, finish the look with a pair of thigh-high suede boots, we love this chocolate brown pair by Miss Pap!

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Model wearing bright green blazer

Boucle fitted blazer in green by River Island

Model wearing brown thigh-high boots

Faux Suede Extreme Thigh High Boots by Miss Pap

McKayla Maroney invites her followers to get Glowy

McKayla is a devout Christian and often spreads the word of God or positive messages with her 1.4 million followers.

She took this one step further in January 2021 when she created Glowy, a separate Instagram page she created “for all things wellness, beauty, and mental health” with the handle @glowybymckayla.

The page currently has 30.6K fans and McKayla often shares skincare tips, talks about goal setting, boundaries, and other general mental health topics.

Most recently she shared a clip from the MTV show Laguna Beach and used it to open up a conversation about feminine energy and knowing your worth.

She explained her thoughts in a caption, “Number 1 principal always starts with KNOWING YOUR VALUE. Confidence will radiate off you when you have strong self worth, and boundaries will be easier to set. When you don’t, you’ll wait for others approval to set boundaries, then feel bad when people walk all over you?”

McKayla Maroney teams up with Miage Skincare

Earlier this year, McKayla teamed up to collaborate with the luxury skincare brand, Miage.

The brand launched Bloom – La Milpa Lip Treatment, which it states is a healing nectar for your lips. Miage explained the partnership by stating on their website, “Miage and McKayala both believe in the power of the present, celebrating life and health and taking the best care of yourself possible.”

At the time of launch, McKayla posted a series of photos of herself wearing a pink bikini while posing with the product.

She excitedly told her followers, “This has been my favorite everyday lip gloss for a while now – I’ve been dying to tell you about it. It has the prettiest shine, but it’s not super sticky like some other lip glosses that stick to your hair when it gets windy.”

The product contains a hydrating solution of cactus water and sesame oil for a nourishing finish, it also has a soft pink glow and shimmer to enhance your natural lip color.

Bloom lip treatment is currently available to purchase on the Miage website for $29.99.

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