Max Verstappen’s girlfriend Kelly Piquet goes nude for Cartier campaign

Kelly Piquet close up
Kelly Piquet stunned nude in Cartier jewelry for a magazine. Pic credit: @kellypiquet/Instagram

Kelly Piquet has firmly stepped into the limelight in the last year, often seen around the F1 racing paddock with boyfriend Max Verstappen, a two-time World Champion.

The Brazilian model recently posed for a photoshoot with Mirror Mirror magazine, wearing luxurious Cartier jewelry.

Kelly went nude as she sat on rocky cliffs out in nature with the sun shining down in the black and white, highly artistic shot.

The model looked animalesque with her long limbs tucked under her as her long black hair, parted in the middle hung down her shoulders.

Her hair covered up part of her face as she stared intensely at the camera with a Cartier bracelet noticeable on her wrist.

A second shot showed her with her arms up around her head, emphasizing the bracelet on her wrist that looked like a snake. On her finger was a unique-looking ring that looked like costume jewelry with several white circles on it.

Kelly looked stunning in the profile shot of her face, with her long, black hair parted in the middle and hanging down and her makeup in a smokey, slept-in look.

Kelly Piquet posed for nude artistic shots wearing Cartier jewelry

In a third, also very artistic shot, Kelly was seen close-up with a large Cartier ring in her mouth as she looked up. Her hair was parted out of her face and hanging behind her back with her sculpted cheekbones emphasized by a bright light reflecting off her ring.

In the same carousel, Kelly’s back was shown completely covered in blue and purple glitter and her hair was tied back in a rolled ponytail that featured several Cartier rings and pendants.

Kelly celebrates with boyfriend Max Verstappen, F1 World Champion

The influencer who boasts 1 million Instagram followers was recently seen celebrating with her boyfriend, Formula 1 sensation Max Verstappen.

The Dutchman, who drives for Redbull Racing, recently won the World Championship in Japan, and Kelly was seen planting a big kiss on his cheek.

Kelly posted the shot of the pair after his win, with Max holding the trophy and Kelly kissing him as he grinned happily at the camera.

She captioned the proud shot, “He did it again ✌?⭐️⭐️ World Champion ‘21 ‘22 Thank you Japan ❤️??.”

Kelly recently shared a carousel of pictures from Japan before the Formula 1 race, enjoying some time in the capital, Tokyo.

She shared a beautiful photo of herself in a gray robe enjoying what looked like a delicious Japanese breakfast.

Of course, shots of her boyfriend Max Verstappen were also featured, including a selfie of the pair at a dinner together.

The rest of the shots gave off major travel envy, showing fun things in the city as well as delectable food.

She captioned the post, “Japan you have my heart (and my stomach)??????????❤️ 72hrs in Tokyo.”

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