Maryna Moroz stuns in beautiful black lace for post-workout selfie

Maryna Moroz close up.
Maryna Moroz is stunning in her black lace as she poses for a selfie. Pic credit: @maryna_moroz_ufc/Instagram

Maryna Moroz, also known as the incredible “Iron Lady,” is back again and more gorgeous than ever. 

The professional fighter left her fans in complete awe once again as she posed for a stellar selfie while she dolled up in a lacy set.

The 31-year-old is not only known for her exquisite beauty — she’s also recognized for her exceptional skill set as a mixed martial artist. 

Maryna has taken those incredible skills into the Octagon while finding much success as a professional UFC fighter

However, aside from her fighting, the Ukrainian beauty also enjoys sharing her many gorgeous selfies in between her busy training schedule.

In her latest Instagram share, Maryna demonstrated just that yet again.

Maryna Moroz is beautiful in her all-black set

For the incredible shot, Maryna posed in her Miami, Florida home while she sported a gorgeous set.

The two-piece set included a lacy, floral-printed bralette and a pair of matching, lacy bottoms.

Maryna further accessorized with a black-and-white captain hat that rested gently along her head.

She styled her long locks in pretty waves that further trickled down the front of her lacy attire.

Marya completed her lacy look by adding some light touches of makeup along her face that perfectly paired with the rest of her fit.

Maryna Moroz shares her intense workout routine while promoting Shifted supplement company

In another Instagram post, Maryna kindly uploaded a video of herself while she trained at her local gym.

In the short clip, the UFC champ was spotted using some heavy weights as she focused on training her biceps.

Maryna was captured with an extreme look of dedication as she demonstrated a perfect form while performing the bicep curls.

For her fit, Maryna sported athletic apparel by one of her favorite companies, Shifted.

Shifted is a vitamin and supplement company that is dedicated to delivering its customers life-changing results through its premium quality ingredients. The company helps support and further motivate its customers through the daily consumption of its products. 

The athlete was spotted wearing a white Shifted cap and a baggy, white T-shirt. The oversized shirt featured the company’s logo — a horse that was centered in the middle of a blue-colored circle.

She went on to add a pair of black, high-waisted athletic leggings that highlighted her slender, yet muscular physique.

She further threw her long, dark locks into a ponytail, which was tucked into the Shifted hat while she sported a makeup-free face.

Maryna simply captioned the workout session, “@shiftedstrong 💪pump up my biceps.”

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