Maryna Moroz hits the gym for ‘leg day’ routine

Maryna Moroz close up.
Maryna Moroz shows off her incredible form as she performs a couple of squat circuits at the gym. Pic credit: @maryna_moroz_ufc/Instagram

Maryna Moroz, more famously known as the “Iron Lady,” is back again, and this time, she shared some of her impressive gym techniques.

The professional fighter was spotted at her local gym as she performed a set of squats with some rather heavy weights.

Maryna went with a cutesy athletic fit as she looked to be successfully conquering her hard-hitting session for the day.

As a professional UFC fighter, it would only make sense that the 31-year-old would need to perform such circuits throughout the week while simultaneously keeping up with a healthy diet.

However, Maryna has proved to her fans that she does both, as she’s looking fitter and more gorgeous than ever.

Luckily for fans, the Ukrainian beauty keeps highly active on her social media, where she shares her latest and greatest endeavors with her 111,000 followers via Instagram.

Maryna Moroz demonstrates her perfect form during her epic squat demonstration

In the video clip that she provided, Maryna was positioned inside her workout equipment as she slowly bent over with the heavy machinery in her hand while she slowly lifted the equipment back up.

Maryna continued her technique for numerous rounds before taking a rest.

The UFC champ was spotted wearing a baggy, black t-shirt for the session while pairing it with some green, high-waisted biker shorts.

She went ahead and added some pink socks as she left her shoes on the side to establish more balance and support with just her socks on.

Maryna accessorized with a green headband, which held her hair away from her face. She also added an Apple Watch that featured a bright orange band.

While Maryna’s hair was pulled back into a bun, the athlete sported a makeup-free face, looking effortlessly gorgeous, per usual.

She captioned the post, “Verified technique 🙂 leg day.”

Maryna Moroz happily promotes Shifted

In another recent post, Maryna was captured on her blue road bike while she geared up in her Shifted attire.

The Ukrainian beauty tagged Coconut Creek, Florida, as her location as she sported a pretty smile.

While she posed for a quick shot, Maryna promoted one of her favorite supplement companies, Shifted.

Shifted is a vitamin and supplement company that is dedicated to providing its customers with life-changing results through its premium quality ingredients. 

The company helps support and further motivate its customers through the daily consumption of its products. 

Take it from Maryna, as she happily advocates for the company repeatedly. 

In the shot, Maryna sported a blue and orange Shifted t-shirt that featured the pegasus logo in the middle.

She further added some black athletic leggings and paired them with some bright red training sneakers.

As always, Maryna looked beautiful while she indulged in a late-afternoon cycling session.

She captioned the post, “@shiftedstrong 🚴‍♀️ you gotta try, more energy, more power 👊.”

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