Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk shares a short but sweet message while stretching along the track

Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk close up.
Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk shares a short but sweet message with her fans while she stretches along the track. Pic credit: @marynabekh/Instagram

Ukrainian track star Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk prepared herself for another hard day of training as she stretched along the track.

The Olympian was captured wearing a gorgeous and vibrant Nike ensemble as she sprawled out along the green ground beneath her.

While she stretched, Maryna also shared a short but sweet message with her fans. She stated, “The harder way, the sweeter victory🙌🏼.”

The athlete’s message might have been short, but it sure stands true in today’s world.

The harder that one works, the more rewarding and satisfying the victory will seem in the end — and Maryna is exactly right.

The silver medalist was kind enough to share her inspiring words with her fans via Instagram.

Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk enjoys a stretch along the track before practice

Nothing sends a more powerful message than a powerful quote along with a fiery red fit to go along with it, and in her latest share, the track star did just that.

Along with the message, Maryna sported an all-red Nike fit that was all-around electrifying.

She sported a red cropped Nike tank top along with a pair of high-waisted athletic shorts. The shorts featured a thick band around her waist and legs that spelled out the words Nike Pro in pink lettering.

She also added a pair of black lifting gloves which provided Maryna with a little extra protection while she trained.

For her footwear essentials, the long jumper wore a pair of multicolored Nike sneakers along with a pair of bright white socks.

To complete the fiery fit, Maryna left her long, shiny hair down which elegantly flowed down along her back while she further sported a naturally beautiful face.

Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk promotes Nike while sharing her intense workout routine

In another Instagram post, Maryna geared up in full Nike attire as she hit the track for some intense cardio and core training.

As a proud Nike athlete, it only made sense as to why the track star sported all of their athletic gear.

In the video, she was captured wearing a Nike sports bra along with pink, high-waisted athletic leggings. She finalized her cutesy fit with a pair of pink and white training sneakers.

While the Ukrainian beauty happily represented one of her favorite companies, she went on to share her step-by-step workout routine.

In the clip that she provided, the Olympian was spotted doing some high-knee kicks along the track as she then transitioned into some core workouts that she performed on her yellow training ball.

This made it easy for fans to follow along with a high-intensity and high-calorie burning workout routine that they could easily add to their regimen in the future.

Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk recently added a new furry member to the family

Maryna certainly surprised her fans recently as she announced that there would be a special furry feline being added to the family.

In the post, the Ukrainian beauty smiled and posed with her husband, Mykhailo Romanchuk. However, this time, there was an adorable new addition pictured in the family shot.

Maryna and Mykhailo were captured holding onto their newest family member, Whiskey, the Maine Coon kitten. The Olympic couple held the kitten in their hands as they sported huge smiles across their faces.

As the slideshow of photographs continued, the affection and love demonstrated within only got stronger.

In the last slide, Mykhailo held the kitten this time as Maryna leaned over and gave her new, orange fur baby a big kiss on the cheek.

Fans certainly showed their love for the new Maine Coon kitten, as the post received just under 11,000 likes.

Maryna went on to caption the post, “Please meet whiskey 🐈 , +1 to our family ♥️.”

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