Martha Stewart net worth 2018: How much is she worth?

Martha Stewart net worth
Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is a household name, there’s no doubt about that. With her growing brand, it’s hard to ignore that she knows what she’s doing when it comes to business.

Whether it’s related to the kitchen or the garden, Martha seems to have all the answers. Plus, with experience in business, entertainment, and even an Apprentice spin-off show, it’s no secret that Martha Stewart may have her pockets full.

These days, Martha Stewart continues to share beautiful recipes online on her YouTube channel and promotes the videos with social media. Of course, her earnings don’t come from YouTube videos alone.

In fact, her net worth comes from the fact that she was able to build a company that she sold 10 years after a financial scandal for a reported $353million.

For those who may not be aware, she found much of her success from investments, a magazine called Martha Stewart Living and other smaller ventures.

Martha Stewart’s net worth is approximately $300million, which is down significantly from her reported $550 million net worth before the financial crisis, according to Town and Country Magazine.

Martha’s rise to the top hasn’t been without problems. In 2004, she was found guilty of making false statements and related charges to an insider-trading scandal.

Despite receiving a five-month federal prison term and a $30,000 fine, she seemed to come out more or less unscathed. She had a two-year period of supervised release but continued to work. The prison sentence did hit her hard, though, as her company worth fell by $330 million when she was jailed.

It appears that people have forgotten much of her legal scandal. While she will always be known for her prison poncho — a poncho she wore as she left the prison — it sounds like she’s now more than happy making cupcakes on YouTube and enjoying life as a millionaire.

What do you think about Martha Stewart’s net worth? Are you surprised that she’s still worth millions after her legal scandal?

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