Martha Stewart blasted over ‘horrific’ cat death, lifestyle guru called ‘negligent’ after sharing photos

Martha Stewart attends a red carpet event.
Martha Stewart continues to be thrown under the bus by fans after sharing that her cat was attacked and killed by her four dogs. ©

Martha Stewart took to social media this week to share the tragic news that her beloved cat Princess Peony had been brutally attacked and killed by her four dogs, citing that it was a case of mistaken identity on the canines’ parts.

The lifestyle guru shared two separate posts regarding the incident, putting up a photo of some men digging a grave with the caption “burying the beautiful and unusual Princess Peony. the four dogs mistook her for an interloper and killed her defenseless little self. i will miss her very badly . RIP beauty.”

Later, she shared a pic of the kitty for fans to see what she looked like when she was alive.

Martha’s fans expressed their shock at Martha’s posts

While Martha drew in support and empathy from many, a multitude of people were not so quick to share their condolences, instead choosing to blast her for what they deemed as “negligent” behavior.

Although undoubtedly sharing the news on Instagram as a way to alert her followers to the tragedy and grieve openly, Martha may not have anticipated that she would instead incite the wrath of dozens of people.

“Does anyone else [find] it disturbing the dogs killed her cat? I am horrified,” shared one person.

Comment under Martha Stewart's post
Pic credit: @marthastewart48/Instagram

Another user said, “Well this is f***ing disturbing. Like that time I watched footage of her dog just running loose all around and underfoot with her horses. No biggie, lots of land for animal burials🤔 😢.”

Comment under Martha Stewart's post
Pic credit: @marthastewart48/Instagram

Still more flooded Martha’s account to publicly condemn her for allowing animals to be mixed together if there was any doubt that they got along.

“Don’t think I would have shared this. 😢” said one person who appeared to be upset at reading the posts, while two others penned, “This post ruined my day. You should not have any pets” and “I would have a hard time keeping dogs that killed my cat. This is not cool. Pack animals or not, this is uncalled for. Dogs and cats can co exist.”

Comments under Martha Stewart's post
Pic credit: @marthastewart48/Instagram

Some followers took it upon themselves to publicly scold Martha

As the scrutiny continues to grow, a deeper dive into Martha’s Instagram feed reveals that certain fans have felt it necessary to lecture the guru about her lifestyle choices.

One person shamed her for not seeing the signs sooner, writing that the dogs should have been “temperament tested” while angrily adding that an attack on a cat could be a precursor to an attack on a young child.

The same person continued to rail against Martha, concluding that the type of dogs she owned were considered to have a “high prey drive” and that Martha should have hired the best trainers to help the canines co-exist peacefully with the cats.

Comment under Martha Stewart's post
Pic credit: @marthastewart48/Instagram

Other angry followers did some internet shouting at Martha, calling her “irresponsible” while saying the posts were “upsetting,” and her response appeared to be very “robotic.”

Comments under Martha Stewart's post
Pic credit: @marthastewart48/Instagram

Prior to the tragedy, Martha enjoyed some fun time with her pal Snoop Dogg, sharing hosting duties with the rapper on the February Puppy Bowl show.

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7 months ago

Martha you should be ashamed of yourself! Taking such a horrific incident like this so lightly. Granted we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors but maybe your cat should have been behind those closed doors. Not all animals get along & you of all people should know that!!!