Mark Wahlberg shows off muscles while shirtless

Mark Wahlberg
As he shows off his impressive physique, Mark proves that age is just a number. Pic credit: @byrheawahlberg/Instagram

Mark Wahlberg wowed his fans with a series of shirtless selfies showing off the actor’s incredible physique.

At 51 years of age, Mark has proven that age is just a number. The actor and former rapper devotes a lot of time to his fitness regime, and it shows.

In a recent share to his Instagram, Mark posed for several mirror selfies as he flexed his awe-inspiring muscles for the camera.

The carousel post’s jaw-dropping shots were taken from Mark’s bedroom, where he stood, shirtless, wearing only a pair of navy blue drawstring shorts. In his first slide, Mark’s ripped muscles stole the show as he posed in a bodybuilder’s “most muscular” pose, showcasing his burly shoulders and ripped abs, reminiscent of his Calvin Klein modeling days in the ’90s.

His second pose was a side triceps pose, highlighting his insanely toned torso and lats. Mark took on a single bicep pose in the third slide, slightly turning his body to accentuate his bulk.

In the last slide, the Good Vibrations singer flexed his arms for the lens with a double bicep pose, lifting his arms to show off his brawny upper body and taut and toned midsection.

Mark Wahlberg flexes muscles for shirtless mirror selfies

Mark’s hard work in the gym and dedication to his nutrition were clearly evident in the post. In his caption, he gave a shout-out to two companies who have helped him achieve his strapping physique, plugging both F45 Training, of which he is a stakeholder, and Performance Inspired Nutrition, which he co-founded. It read, “@performinspired & @f45_training ???? F51! #PIPartner #F45Partner.”

Mark’s post received more than half a million likes and over 4,000 comments from his impressive following on Instagram, where he boasts 19.4 million followers.

Mark Wahlberg’s fans impressed with the 51-year-old’s physique

Noting that Mark seems to be aging in reverse, one comment read, “Benjamin Button ??”

Heavyweight boxer and actor Rico Verhoeven paid Mark a compliment with his comment, “Where can I sign to look like that at 50 ??? my guy.”

mark wahlberg's friends and followers reacted to his flexing poses on IG
Pic credit: @markwahlberg/Instagram

Mark’s longtime friend and fellow actor and fitness enthusiast, Mario Lopez, told him, “Killin it homie!”

Actor Paul Walter Hauser expressed how impressed he was with Mark’s physique with his comment, which read, “Good Lord wtf?!”

Mark Wahlberg’s success in Hollywood and devotion to his faith

Boston-born Mark – who is married to and shares four children with model Rhea Durham – is an acclaimed actor who has found much success in Hollywood following his years as a teen idol and bad boy.

The Municipal founder released three new movies this year, including Uncharted, which is currently streaming on Netflix, Father Stu, and his latest release alongside comedian Kevin Hart, Me Time.

Mark is also a devout Catholic who recently partnered with the widely popular Hallow app, a Catholic prayer and meditation app that has been downloaded over 3.75 million times. And although he is devoted to his faith, he doesn’t force it upon his four children, Ella, Brendan, Michael, and Grace.

“They think dad’s crazy, and he’s boring,” Mark said of his kids during an appearance on The Today Show earlier this year. “But even with my faith, I don’t force it on them. But they know that dad can’t start the day without being in prayer, can’t start the day without reading my Scripture or going to Mass.”

Mark hopes that leading by example will encourage his children to follow in his footsteps, “And hopefully, instead of forcing that on them, they’ll say, ‘Well, if it works for dad, maybe it’ll work for us,’ and they’ll kind of gravitate towards it on their own.”

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