Mark Wahlberg offers opinion on Ozempic trend: ‘To each his own’

Mark Wahlberg at the premiere of Entourage
Mark poses for paparazzi at a premiere in Westwood, CA. Pic credit: ©

Ozempic has taken Hollywood by storm with celebrities looking to shed unwanted pounds, but one superstar who won’t be jumping on the latest weight loss trend is Mark Wahlberg.

In recent months, Ozempic has been the topic of many headlines reporting on celebrities who have used, or been accused of using, Ozempic.

Ozempic, a brand name for the FDA-approved prescription drug Semaglutide, was originally intended to treat type 2 diabetes but has recently added weight loss to its list of side effects.

Famous faces have become obsessed with using the drug as an anti-obesity tool, but Mark Wahlberg says that a good old-fashioned diet and exercise routine should be the focus instead.

Speaking with Page Six, Mark told the publication of using Ozempic to shed pounds, “To each his own, but I do encourage people to eat right and exercise.”

Mark knows a thing or two about eating right and exercising — the A-list actor and businessman is a staunch fitness fanatic who often wakes up before sunrise to hit the gym.

Actor Mark Wahlberg says a healthy diet and regular fitness routine are more ‘sustainable’ than using Ozempic

“It’s much more [of] a lifestyle change,” the 51-year-old father of four added. “You’d be surprised what you can accomplish when you’re willing to do the work.”

As the chief brand officer for F45 Training and one of the brand’s biggest endorsers, Mark knows the value of putting in hard work at the gym, which certainly shows.

The former Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch frontman says that working out and eating right is the “most sustainable” way to get trim and stay fit, unlike temporary weight loss solutions.

“It will give you the longevity,” Mark noted.

Although he isn’t a proponent of using Ozempic to lose weight, Mark doesn’t judge those who do.

“Everybody has their own path. I don’t knock anybody for making their own choices,” the Father Stu star continued.

“But I prefer — and I’ve seen lots of people accomplish amazing things — ordinary people doing extraordinary things on a fitness base, and they’re now encouraging other people that look like them,” said the Boston-born star. “That’s what I’m into.”

Which celebrities have admitted to using Ozempic?

Among the celebrities who have been open about using Ozempic for weight loss are Margaret Josephs and Dolores Catania of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Speaking about using Ozempic, Dolores told Andy Cohen during Watch What Happens Live, “I wasn’t going to come to [the] reunion looking bigger than anyone else.”

Margaret, who called Ozempic “game-changing,” told Insider that she injects herself once a week with the drug and has lost 22 pounds since she began taking it. “I think it’s whatever works for me,” she shared.

On the other hand, reality TV stars such as Khloe Kardashian, Loren Brovarnik, and Kyle Richards have denied using the drug to shed some pounds.

Meghan McCain denounced the drug after revealing that she had been urged to use it just four weeks after the birth of her daughter.

“I’m not taking it. I refuse,” Meghan wrote in an op-ed piece for The Daily Mail. “There’s a clear moral issue here. It’s hard to take a drug because swimsuit season is around the corner, while others need it to stay alive.”

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