Mariah Carey is back to take over her Christmas throne with an all new special

Mariah Carey in a red dress
Mariah Carey looked amazing as she promotes her latest Christmas special. Pic credit: ©

Halloween is over, and it’s officially Mariah Carey’s season. Around the holidays, fans blast her 1994 hit song, All I Want for Christmas Is You.

The success of her Christmas music has made the singer synonymous with the holidays. So much so that she is now getting a new Christmas special, and fans couldn’t be more excited.  

The CBS Christmas special is called Merry Christmas to all and makes its debut on December 20. While they haven’t released any official preview just yet, the promotional photos looked stunning. 

Mariah was in front of a snowing white backdrop with a single microphone in her hand. The We Belong Together singer wore a red floor-length gown that hugged her curves perfectly. The dress sported long sleeves and a deep v-neckline. Throughout the ensemble, it was covered in red sequins to add extra glamour to her outfit.  

She wore her long blonde hair in signature barrel curls that cascaded off her shoulders.  

Her makeup was kept simple with neutral eyeshadow and pink lipstick.  

Mariah Carey created the Christmas Princess  

Mariah Carey is not only starring in a Christmas special, but she is making her own children’s book. The book is called The Christmas Princess, and it’s co-written by Mariah and Michaela Angela Davis. The book’s main character is a little girl named Mariah, but the pop princess insists the book is not about her. During her interview with Jimmy Fallon, she explained the motivation for her book. 

She explained, “It’s not just about [me] ’cause her name is Mariah [and I’m] so Christmassy. It’s that this is for anyone who’s ever felt other’ed, who’s ever felt different than other people, who’s ever felt ostracized.” 

What differentiates the Christmas Princess from other princess tales is that she gets saved by music instead of a magical prince. This book was made to represent any child who goes through their own day-to-day struggles.  

Mariah Carey transforms for Christmas 

Mariah Carey has always been known to be over the top, so her latest Instagram post is no surprise. She was in a black-and-white video, dressed as a sexy witch. She wore a vinyl catsuit with matching thigh-high boots.  

Her makeup was vampy with dramatic cat-eye eyeliner and deep-colored lipstick. She let out a wild witch cackle and suddenly transformed. 

Now in full color, fans saw Mariah in a red and white jumpsuit with a black belt. In her signature whistle tone, she says, “it’s time” and suddenly her hit song All I Want for Christmas Is You starts to play.

What a great way to kick off the Christmas season. 

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