Maria Sharapova in two-piece spandex breaks a sweat

maria sharapova workout
Maria Sharapova is breaking a sweat in spandex as she shows off her post-baby workout routine. Pic credit: ©

Maria Sharapova may have retired from her career as a professional tennis player, but that doesn’t mean she quit working out like an all-star athlete.

Maria’s continued commitment to fitness was clear in a recent post which showed her fashionable athleticwear and excellent form while working up a sweat.

The new mom posted a glimpse at her workout routine, which was sweaty and intense.

Maria shared the workout montage on her Instagram account for her 4.4 million followers.

The montage showed the beautiful blonde doing calisthenics in a two-piece spandex ensemble with music in the background.

Maria made good use of her workout mat in the video, which she recorded on her smartphone. She also showed her innovative side, working out with an imaginary jump rope as she used what she had available to her.

By the end of the video, Maria’s skin was red as she dripped with sweat and got her endorphins going.

Maria Sharapova breaks a sweat in spandex

The video began with Maria on her hands and feet with weights around her wrists. She did a bear crawl variation, which has long been a favorite of fitness enthusiasts because it strengthens the core. Next, Maria did some twists, working her obliques in a low lunge.

Next, Maria got off the floor and began jumping while using her arms to swing an imaginary jump rope. Maria’s blonde hair was in a casual ponytail and swung back and forth as she burned calories while looking beautiful.

The tennis champion even did some dancing as she showed off her playful side while demonstrating that burning calories can take many forms.

The athlete’s long-sleeve spandex shirt featured a crop top and hugged her curves, showing a hint of skin. She paired the crop top with matching pants and white sneakers.

Her caption read, “Found 30mins, a 1lb Bala weight, an imaginary jump rope and a sense of humor ??‍♀️ #DoNutStop #FitAndLit.”

Maria Sharapova works out with Nike

Nike has sponsored many of the world’s greatest athletes, and Maria Sharapova was no exception.

Nike helped outfit Maria throughout her career and continued to do so after her retirement.

Maria spoke with Harper’s Bazaar, where the Nike athlete discussed her exercise routine and shared an interesting fun fact about fitness. According to Maria, if she stopped training for three days, her body would begin to lose muscle.

She shared, “Playing professional tennis requires major dedication. If you take more than three days off, you can start to lose lean muscle.”

Although Maria retired from professional tennis, her athleticism hasn’t gone anywhere.

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