Maria Menounos is stunning in a white crop top and denim

Maria Menounos in denim
Maria Menounos stuns in a white crop top and denim jeans. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Maria Menounos started her week off right with her latest outfit.

Fresh off recording her new podcast, Monday Motivations and Intentions, she decided to take a quick picture for her fans to add some visuals to their auditory experience. 

Posing in the mirror, she was seen showing off her outfit, which looked effortlessly chic. The former E! News host wore a white cropped top with a twist detail at the bust. She paired the top with baggy midrise jeans that had seams on the legs for a high-fashion look. 

For a pop of color, she wore green sandals to complement her ensemble. She kept her accessories simple with a small necklace and a silver ring.  

For her hair, she went for big barrel curls that were layered perfectly to frame her face. She went for a natural makeup look with nude pink lipstick.  

She let fans know that despite it being a weekly podcast, she might release a podcast episode on Wednesday as well for added excitement.  

Maria Menounos stuns in black denim  

Maria knows how to style a simple pair of jeans to make a high-class outfit. She took to Instagram recently to show off her monochrome ensemble, which would give any fan some style inspiration.  

She’s seen in a dressing room, wearing a simple black tank top. Maria paired it with low-rise, wide-leg jeans. The pants had huge rips and were held up with a Gucci belt. For her shoes, she kept the dark look going with black and white Nike Dunks.  

For accessories, she wore a small crossbody bag with gold necklaces, bracelets, and chunky black sunglasses.  

For her hair, she showed off her natural waves in a side part. She kept her makeup simple with nude lipstick to keep the focus on her sunglasses.  

Maria Menounos’s health issues changed her life 

What people might not know about Maria is she changed her outlook on life after she found out she had a brain tumor. The television personality went through an 8-hour surgery to operate on the tumor.

Luckily the tumor was not cancerous, and she even explained on the podcast Viral Files that it left her feeling empowered.  

“I kind of am a fake doctor now,” Maria joked. “Ever since I recovered from surgery, I started coaching people through their brain tumor journey.” 

She explained that she doesn’t do coaching for financial gain but instead just hopes to receive “good karma.” Maria believes that helping people through this journey is a part of her own life purpose. 

To listen to episodes of Maria’s podcast, Monday Motivations and Intentions, click here.

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