Maria Menounos celebrates appearance on the Tamron Hall Show

Maria Menounos smiles brightly in a shade of orange lipstick.
Maria Menounos wears her hair slicked back. Pic credit: © Acosta/Image Press Agency

Being invited to appear on an episode of the Tamron Hall Show is a huge honor since the popular talk show has been around for four successful seasons.

Maria Menounos just appeared on the Tamron Hall Show to discuss her newest movie on the Lifetime network titled The Holiday Dating Guide.

The dress Maria wore for her appearance on the Tamron Hall Show is worth checking out because of how stylish it was and how confident she looked.

During her appearance on the Tamron Hall Show, Maria wore a black and white minidress that was thigh-skimming enough to show off her knees and calves.

The dress had a high collar covering her chest with long sleeves from her shoulders to her wrists. She wore a pair of clear strappy heels on her feet and accessorized with a small chain necklace around her neck.

The beauty also wore a simple pair of earrings to complete the look. Her dress was mainly white, but it appeared covered in black blotches resembling flowers with white centers. Her long brown hair was parted to the side with blonde highlights visible. In terms of nail polish, Maria opted for a simple black shade.

Maria Menounos looks amazing in black and white

Along with being a talented movie actress, Maria is also a best-selling author, an Emmy winner, and the host of an incredible program called Heal Squad.

She always looks fabulous, whether talking about her newest movies or letting her fans know the details about Heal Squad.

Not long before her appearance on the talk show, she also posted a lengthy Instagram caption to inform her fans about everything Heal Squad is bringing to the table.

Maria Menounos represents Heal Squad

Heal Squad is the podcast that Maria is super passionate about these days. She informed her followers about the update with her narrated show, adding a lengthy caption that started with, “BREAKING NEWS!!! Better Together with Maria Menounos is now officially @HealSquad x @MariaMenounos!! BUT don’t worry we’re not changing the show.”

She continued, “Our Life Improvement series dedicated to bettering our health, wellness, spirituality and success will continue – just with a new name!”

She explained that the podcast will still feature thought-provoking and wonderful conversations with experts and healers from around the world.

She posed for the promotional shot wearing a tan-colored turtleneck sweater with a pair of small dangling gold earrings. The bright smile on her face in the picture gives the impression that she is beyond proud of where Heal Squad is headed.

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