Maren Morris shares throwbacks to remember designer Paco Rabanne

maren morris in selfie
Maren Morris is serving looks in Paco Rabanne. Pic credit: @marenmorris/Instagram

Maren Morris paid tribute to late designer Paco Rabanne in the best way possible by trying on some garments in his honor.

The country singer has marched to the beat of her own drum, bringing new energy into Nashville.

And while some may not approve of Maren’s ideologies and ways of doing things, that hasn’t stopped the talented singer.

One way that Maren has deviated from the norm has been through her style.

Maren hung up her cowboy boot and cowboy hat, opting to wear more fashion-forward designs, like Paco Rabanne.

The mother of one served looks while rocking the late designer, with a crop top and a dress. She shared these outfits on her Instagram Stories, where her 1.6 million followers got the first glimpse of the ensembles.

Maren Morris dazzles in Paco Rabanne tribute

The first share showed Maren with a sepia effect added as she pouted her lips while rocking a patterned crop top with matching high-waisted pants. Maren paired the look with strappy stilettos while striking a pose in front of a leather couch. The singer’s bangs touched her forehead, and her ends cascaded past her shoulders.

Maren Morris shares throwbacks  Paco Rabanne
Pic credit: @marenmorris/Instagram

The second image featured Maren in full color while wearing a black sequin-adorned dress with spaghetti straps and a plunging neckline. The gown had a thigh-high slit, which allowed Maren to stick out her leg and show the garment. The Texas native stood against a wall with her tresses looking straight and sleek.

Maren Morris shares throwbacks  Paco Rabanne
Pic credit: @marenmorris/Instagram

Maren tagged the designer in both images, with a heartbroken emoji in one picture and “RIP” in the other.

Maren Morris’ workout secret includes cardio

Ahead of Maren’s Stagecoach 2022 performance, the singer went into overdrive, getting in shape and working on her stamina.

Maren’s longtime trainer, Erin Oprea, caught up with E! News and spilled all the tea regarding the singer’s workout routine.

According to Erin, Maren loves cardio and working out her lower body. The singer also enjoys sports, which allows her to burn calories while having fun.

Erin explained, “She has been playing tennis. I encourage clients to do their cardio outside of me. Sports are always the best way because when you’re chasing a ball, you’re not thinking about cardio.”

Erin continued, “She’s been doing her cardio as well as lots of fun weight training. And she’s been kicking a** and we’ve done all the exercises that made her legs pop back out post-baby.”

As for specific workouts, Erin said Maren would do a sumo squat game which involved mini jumps followed by a 10-second hold.

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Walter Walter
Walter Walter
1 month ago

Why does she always look like she had bad Taco Bell and needs to Run for the Border?