Maren Morris reacts to Candace Cameron Bure drama: ‘Make DJ gay again’

Maren and Candace
Maren Morris has responded to Candace Cameron Bure’s recent comments. Pic credit: © Farr/AdMedia/Faye Sadou/AdMedia

Maren Morris has spoken out after Candace Cameron Bure’s controversial comments about “traditional marriage.” 

The country singer, who has been a long-time ally of the LGBTQIA+ community, hit back at the actress following her comments made recently in a Wall Street Journal interview.

In the interview, Candace shared that the Great American Family will not be a welcome place for LGBTQIA+ love stories as the network plans to “keep traditional marriage at the core.”

Following her comments, many celebs called out Candace, including JoJo Siwa – and now country music star Maren Morris has seemingly hit out at her too.

After seeing what Bure had to say about “traditional” families, it seemed that brunette beauty was just as frustrated as other celebs.

In a comment posted on Tuesday (November 15) Maren wrote, “Make DJ [Tanner] gay again.”

Maren Morris weighs in on Candace Cameron Bure’s comments

The Grammy-nominated star was referring to Bure’s character from Full House.

Maren's comment SS
Maren left a comment underneath Matt’s post. Pic credit: @mattxiv/Instagram

Maren’s comment appeared under a post shared by social media personality Matt Bernstein that slammed Cameron Bure.

“You went decades without ever having to see an LGBTQ character on screen. Now, we’re in 1 out of 5 movies,” the first slide of Matt’s post read.

 “Sorry if this disturbs you. Sending thoughts and prayers.” 

Candace Cameron Bure makes it clear there will be no gay couples on GAC

Candace Cameron Bure not only stars in GAC movies but also serves as the chief creative officer, so she has some pull when it comes to the type of content that will be created and broadcast.

The relatively new network currently advertises “traditional-family-oriented general entertainment programming.”

In this latest interview, Bure revealed that she wanted to “tell stories that have more meaning.” Bure told WSJ, “I knew that the people behind Great American Family were Christians that love the Lord and wanted to promote faith programming and good family entertainment.”

Bure made the move to the GAC Media-owned network after 10 years with Hallmark. 

The move came after Bure claimed she couldn’t come to an agreement with Hallmark during contract negotiations and, curiously, not long after the network teamed up with GLAAD and vowed to “better represent the LGBTQ community across our portfolio of brands.”

Maren Morris isn’t the only celeb calling out Candace Cameron Bure

Hilarie Burton, of One Tree Hill fame, has also taken aim at Candace, calling her a “bigot” for her stance on airing only Christian content that promotes “traditional” family values.

Hilarie tweeted twice about Bure’s comments, first writing, “Now they’re just openly admitting their bigotry. I called this sh*t out years ago when Abbott was at Hallmark. Glad they dumped him. Being LGBTQ isn’t a ‘trend.’ That guy and his network are disgusting. You too Candy. There is nothing untraditional about same-sex couples.”

Then, tweeting again, Burton added, “Bigot. I don’t remember Jesus liking hypocrites like Candy. But sure. Make your money, honey. You ride that prejudice wave all the way to the bank.”

In the meantime, Hallmark is gearing up to release its first gay-led holiday film, The Holiday Sitter, on December 11.

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