Maren Morris celebrates 33, says year might be ‘cute’

Maren Morris on the red carpet.
Maren Morris sizzled in a belly shirt. Pic credit: © Farr/AdMedia

Maren Morris basked in yet another fantastic journey around the sun yesterday, showing off her famously toned physique.

Born in Arlington, Texas, the 33-year-old country star celebrated her birthday yesterday, and based on her most recent post, she’s feeling optimistic about the year to come.

Maren sported low-rise stretchy pants with a cropped back t-shirt bearing a picture of the Earth and the saying “come to mama” written on top.

She looked positively blissful while lounging back with sunglasses and a smile on her face, her dark locks tumbling around her head in loose waves.

Also included in the share was a photo of her birthday cake, a pair of embroidered his and hers pillows, and a quick reel of the festivities.

She captioned the laid-back post, “3 is my lucky number so this year might be cute. ?️?️?️#33.”

Maren Morris protested gun violence in a recent post showing off her figure

Maren asked fans to “carry me through” in a recent, more somber post about the recent school shootings.

The stunning singer-songwriter showed off her toned tummy in a gorgeous white button-down top paired with oversized khaki pants.

She shared both a close-up photo, highlighting her gorgeous shoulder-length hair and makeup, as well as a mirror selfie to give her outfit all the attention it deserves.

Maren also added black-and-white photos of her son running through a sprinkler and a crowded protest to the heartfelt carousel.

Maren Morris unveiled her sculpted legs to promote the Love Rising benefit concert

Anyone who knows Maren knows that she’s all about supporting a good cause and speaking out against injustice, which is exactly what she did at the Love Rising benefit concert in Nashville on March 20. 

The brunette beauty rocked a daring black ensemble that included a long, open jacket over a black miniskirt and a white button-down shirt with a tie.

Her makeup artist clearly spared no detail when applying her lip and eyeliner, as her makeup was a full-blown masterpiece in its own right.

She performed alongside other big names in music, such as Allison Russell, Hozier, Sheryl Crow, and more.

The artists all came together to raise money for charity and spread awareness of the harmful anti-LGBTQ+ bills currently coming out of the state’s legislature.

Maren wrote, “Love rose up” in the caption, adding thanks to Nashville and the entire LGBTQ+ community. She also said of the event, “A lot of healing happened and it won’t be forgotten. ?️‍??️‍⚧️.”

In another popular video, Maren boldly proclaimed to the crowd that she happily introduced her young son to some drag queens, daring the state to arrest her.

She added a bit of astrological wisdom to the share, “Aries Szn. ?”

During an interview with Variety, Maren spoke about the experience of introducing her two-year-old son to the queens, saying, “He freaked out when he went in there because it’s just magic what drag queens do. There’s wigs everywhere, and the smell of hairspray and wig glue; there’s glitter; everyone’s in a good mood.” 

“It’s just like a room of love,” she added.

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