Mandy Rose stuns fans in dark bodysuit for NXT return

wwe nxt womens champ mandy rose instagram video selfie
WWE NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose recently returned to NXT’s TV program. Pic credit: @mandysacs/Instagram

Mandy Rose recently returned to WWE NXT and attempted to make a major statement to her fans and latest foe. Before delivering her message, she stunned fans with the unique look she wore for the occasion.

The WWE NXT Women’s Champion donned a stunning bodysuit featuring see-through sheer sections on her legs and portions of her midsection, sides, and upper body.

Rose’s bodysuit included an intricate black design that almost entirely covered her arms and parts of her upper body.

Adding to her look was a shiny silver necklace with a cross pendant and chunky black boots with heels. Those boots featured metal chains, buckles, and straps, creating a unique visual.

Taking to her Instagram, Rose shared several photos of herself posing in the outfit, including a front-facing pose with her hands on her hips and a serious stare. For another pose, Rose stood sideways, pulling on some strands of her long, wavy hair.

“THE attraction is back,” she wrote in her IG caption, referring to herself since she’s the leader of Toxic Attraction.

Fans react to Mandy Rose’s ‘attraction’ post

As the WWE NXT Women’s Champion, Mandy Rose typically attracts plenty of attention from fans and foes. With a big Instagram following of 3.3 million followers, she also gets lots of attention for her various photo and video posts.

Her latest share showing off the dark and sheer bodysuit racked up over 118,000 Likes and 1,400 comments as of this report, with many fans showing their admiration for the wrestling star.

“Welcome back and you look fabulous,” one fan commented on her IG carousel post.

fan compliments mandy rose on bodysuit nxt
Pic credit: @mandysacs/Instagram

Fellow wrestling star Chelsea Green was also a fan of Rose’s look, calling it “perfection.”

chelsea green reacts to mandy rose bodysuit look
Pic credit: @mandysacs/Instagram

“Welcome Back And YOU Look Gorgeous And Stunning Mandy Rose,” another fan wrote in the comment section.

fan praises nxt champ mandy rose
Pic credit: @mandysacs/Instagram

Women’s champ tried to make statement in NXT return

During the October 18 episode of WWE NXT, Rose returned with a message for her next challenger, Alba Fyre. The two women will battle for Rose’s championship at NXT’s Halloween Havoc this weekend.

The champ made a big entrance during Tuesday’s NXT show after her Toxic Attraction allies, Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne, and friend Sonya Deville attacked Fyre in the ring.

With the three women holding Fyre in the ring, Rose made a statement on the mic, putting her upcoming opponent on notice.

“You made the wrong decision abducting me,” Rose informed Fyre as she headed to the ring, adding, “At Halloween Havoc, I’m fighting Fyre with fire, and I’m gonna be more callous, more vicious, and more ruthless.”

Fyre managed to fight off the three women holding her back, sending them all out of the ring. Rose tried to sneak attack by rolling into the ring, but Fyre turned around, confronting her briefly with a baseball bat.

With that, Rose retreated from the ring but forgot her championship belt. That allowed Fyre to pose with it as a potential preview of how the Halloween Havoc match and Rose’s title reign will end.

WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA. NXT Halloween Havoc streams on Peacock on Saturday, October 22.

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