Mandy Rose sends Valentine’s Day greeting with Damandyz

mandy rose in instagram selfie in january 2023
Mandy Rose was stunning in a colorful bikini for a Valentine’s Day greeting. Pic credit: @mandysacs/Instagram

Former WWE star Mandy Rose sent fans a special Valentine’s Day message featuring a stunning visual for the romantic occasion.

Rose, released from WWE this past December, has been sizzling even while away from the wrestling ring.

Recent shares via Rose and the Damandyz Donutz Instagram accounts feature Rose in a colorful crochet or knit bikini.

The top and bottoms featured red, yellow, green, and dark orange or brown horizontal stripes for a vibrant look.

The Damandyz Donutz post gave fans and followers a few options for cards to give their Valentines.

“Donut know what I would do without you,” was written in white letters on the Mandy Rose card with a pink background.

Underneath were lines with “To” and “From” to fill out for the Valentine’s Day greeting.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville appear in Valentine’s Day cards

A swipe on the post reveals Rose’s friend Daria Berenato, aka WWE’s Sonya Deville. It has another clever V-Day message, “Donut go breaking my heart.”

Deville is standing beside the words in black ring gear, with her straight black hair flowing and a fierce look on her face.

“Happy Valentine’s Day! Donut do anything we wouldn’t do!” the post’s caption reads.

The snap used by Rose came from a shot she posted over the weekend, which she used as a Super Bowl post. Rose’s hair looked wet and wavy, like she may have taken a recent dip in a pool or the ocean.

She stood in front of a pier area, possibly for a beach shoot, with one hand resting on a wooden post and the other holding part of her bikini bottoms.

Rose’s caption was a comment on Sunday’s Super Bowl as she declared, “I just hope both teams have fun😏🏈”

Mandy Rose launched Damandyz Donutz with Sonya Deville

The Damandyz IG post above goes beyond just being a fun Valentine’s Day greeting for fans of Rose and Deville. The duo also has their own business, which launched due to their love of donuts.

The friends and former WWE tag team partners famously traveled together on the road for their wrestling events. They’d also sample local area donuts to find their favorites.

That ultimately led to their virtual brand Damandyz Donuts, which opened last year on Uber Eats and offers delivery of their products in the Los Angeles area. More locations are expected to arrive in other parts of the United States.

The brand is made possible thanks to working with Kettle Glazed, a family-owned doughnut shop that started in 2013 and helped bring Damandyz’s tasty creations to life.

According to Bake Mag, the brand was created in partnership with Lawrence Longo, the owner of Off the Menu and Prince St. Pizza, and Kitchen Data Systems (KDS).

“We always envisioned having our own donuts one day– and here we are! We are huge believers in spreading positivity, inclusivity, and finding balance in life. Donuts bring everyone together,” Rose said upon the brand’s launch.

In addition to offering various types of donuts created explicitly for the brand, Damandyz also has merch available, including shirts and hoodies featuring the brand’s logo, catchy phrases, and the wrestling stars’ likenesses.

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