Mahina Florence sips Celsius at the beach

Mahina Florence is all smiles at the beach.
Mahina Florence looks stunning as she poses along the beach. Pic credit: @mahinaflorence/Instagram

The Hawaiian beauty Mahina Florence hit the beach for some fun in the sun as she happily sipped on her ice-cold drink.

The gorgeous lifestyle influencer took her smiles to the beach as she posed up against the rocks while she dipped her lower body into the ocean.

Mahina certainly wasn’t shy when it came to showing a little skin, as she sported a teeny matching bikini set.

The teal and red-colored bathing suit looked amazing against her complexion as it also showcased her lovely curves.

As she posed away, the sun beamed down along her skin and further made the shot glow and shimmer.

Mahina shared the fun shot with her 147k Instagram followers, making sure that her fans got to experience the fun from a distance.

Mahina Florence sips on a nice cold drink along the beach

Mahina smiled as she seemed to enjoy her day along the oceanside.

As she sat along the rocks, she held her Sparkling Fiji Apple Pear Celsius Energy Drink.

Mahina announced her partnership with the well-known brand as she enjoyed the satisfying taste of the drink.

She wrote, “Oh yes! The first sip of an ice-cold @celsiusofficial on a hot beach day hits the spot😌 I tried the Sparkling Fiji Apple Pear for the first time and am now literally obsessed🤤 #celsiuslivefit #celsiusbrandpartner.”

The second slide of the post featured a close-up of the beautiful influencer as she held the drink close to her face while she promoted her favorite energy-boosting drink.

Mahina Florence shares her workout routine

Mahina is known for sharing her health and beauty tips, and in another recent post, the Hawaiian beauty did just that.

The workout enthusiast was kind enough to share a detailed play-by-play of her high-energy-filled circuit and the exercises within them.

Mahina expressed that she warms up with a “1K Row, a 10 min run, or 10 min jump rope” she then went on to say, “I decided to do Kettle Bell Swings, Plié Sumo Squat, Dumbbell Deadlift, and Weighted Abdominal twists. I picked a weight that was challenging yet safe to perform 50 reps with. I was hella sore the next a good sore kind of a way of course 🤣.”

As she performed the exercises, she demonstrated perfect form while intently focusing on the workout at hand.

She sported a matching, chocolate brown athletic fit. The pretty fit featured a brown, cropped sports tank which she coordinated with high-waisted athletic leggings. She then finalized the look with a pair of classic black sneakers.

Mahina also incorporated some music in the background, which allowed her fans to happily follow along with the hard-hitting workout.

Mahina’s fans showed the workout post some love as it secured over 2.1k likes.

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